2015 MAY 28


May 12-29:  THIS IS [TO TELL IT AS] IT: MPA━B  ANTHOLOGY (2011-2015) SOUND PLANTby The Committee on Publicness



TIME: 12:00 – 14:00 (Alexanderplatz) and 15:30 – 16:30 (Brandenburg Gate)
LOCATION: We will meet at Alexanderplatz at 12:00 (by the Weltzeituhr), and from there we will walk together to the locations of Alexanderplatz where performances will take place. At 15:30 we will meet at the Brandenburg Gate. Look for the MPA-B sign (if you are late).
CURATED BY: Verónica Peña www.veronicapena.comtheurbancaress@gmail.com.
Photo Credit: Verónica Peña.

COLLECTIVE BECOMING is a cultural initiative whose main objective is to promote the collaboration amongst artists in order to develop projects that artists have conceived of, but that they cannot develop individually. Some of the reasons why an artist may not be able to develop a project by himself are:

•working under a low budget (for example, an artist has conceived of a collective performance, but he cannot afford to hire performers),
•lacking a specific knowledge (for example, an artist has conceived of a piece that involves welding, but he does not know how to weld),
•the excessive amount of time needed for completing a project (for example, the creation of a project that may take several months for a single artist, may only take a few weeks if the artist is helped by a team), etc.

The concept of COLLECTIVE BECOMING refers to our capacity of achieving goals together, and it translates into the mutual collaboration amongst artists in order to develop each artist individual vision. Through Collective Becoming, artistic projects that otherwise would be highly difficult to execute, become a reality through a collaborative effort.

THE URBAN CARESS is an invitation for artists to create projects that make of the streets of Berlin a better place, a place less hostile. Artists are invited to create public performances, ephemeral installations and experimental works that transform, improve, enchant, embrace, and magnify the life on the streets of Berlin.

THE URBAN CARESS is principally directed towards artists working in the fields of public performance art and ephemeral installation because creating a less hostile environment requires gestures (performances, installations) directed towards the opposite (the gentle, the caress), in the space where hostility takes place, the street, the public space.

THE URBAN CARESS is the third project that will be developed under the concept of COLLECTIVE BECOMING. THE URBAN CARESS is under the umbrella of COLLECTIVE BECOMING because creating a less hostile environment is a “collective” effort, through which the life that takes place on the streets “becomes” something better.

Besides this, performance and installation projects, especially when conceived for the public space, are ideal to be developed under the concept of COLLECTIVE BECOMING; because they usually involve the collaboration amongst several individuals. For example: assistants in the process of installation, performers in a collective performance, a videographer for documenting the audience interaction with the performer or the installation, etc.

Following the concept of COLLECTIVE BECOMING, all artists selected for ‘THE URBAN CARESS will work together in the development of each artist individual project.













TIME: 18:00 – 00:00
LOCATION: SOMA Art Gallery, Liegnitzer str. 34, 10999 www.facebook.com/somaartspace
CURATED BY: Nabi Nara / S0MA Gallery Berlin, www.nabinara.org , www.somagallery.de


Am I You?
Matthias Haase (Philosopher, Professor/Universität Leipzig)

Imagine, X says to Y: ‘You are F.’ Y responds: ‘Yes, I’m F.’ Obviously, X and Y are in agreement about who is F. A philosopher might express this point in the following way: You are ‘you’ to me; and I am ‘you’ to you. The question of this paper is: Can I be ‘you’ to me? My answer is: No. – It might be replied, nothing is easier: fix your gaze in the mirror and say the words, ‘Hey, you!’ But my question is whether in doing such things I stand to myself in the very same kind of relation I stand in to you in address. ……… Recently, it has been suggested that the rendering is needed to make sense of the very idea of morality. Say, X demands of Y: ‘You must Φ!’ And let the ‘must’ express the force of the relevant kind of deontic necessity. In this case, the following is said to hold: Y’s response, ‘You are right, I must Φ’, is only sincere if Y adopts the very perspective from which X spoke and makes the demand on herself – that is, if she, as it were, thinks to herself, ‘You must Φ!’ or ‘Φ!’ And her having the capacity to do so is supposed to be the condition of her being subject to this kind of necessity…………

‘Duos’ is the long-term curatorial project of S0MA Art Gallery Berlin. By questioning what relations, intimacies, being together or being alone mean in our life, in our time, the ‘Duos’ project collaborates with the Philosopher Matthias Haase. For the MPA Performance Festival, 9 artists duos are invited to perform, some they work as a duo, some of them are artist couple, some they choose collaborator for their performance.

Joakim Stampe http://liveaction.se/la-8/artists/joakim-stampe-sweden.html
Chuyia Chia http://chuyia.wordpress.com/
RED BIND http://www.kedzior-friedman.org/
TallBlondLadies http://www.tallblondladies.com/
Mischa Badasyan http://mischabadasyan.com/
Frederic Krauke http://www.frederic-krauke.com/
Antonio Chipriana http://antoniochipriana.weebly.com/
Kathrine Oggier Chanda www.katfabrik.com
Emily Kunke
Tizo All http://foradecena.wix.com/dastizo
Elya May http://elyamay.com/
lady gaby
brigid fitch
Design : http://www.guerilla-operations.de/



TIME:  19:00 – 22:00
LOCATION: Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB) Haus 5D, Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119
CURATED BY: Hector Canonge http://www.performeandousa.blogspot.com

PERFORMEANDO (Spanglish word, coined by artist Hector Canongein the context of Live Action Art) refers to the creation of an event, presentation, act, action, and/or artistic corporal expression. PERFORMEANDO is a project / program focusing on featuring works of performance artists who identify themselves as Latin/o/a or Hispanic living and working in the United States and Europe. PERFORMEANDO was launched in New York City in 2013 featuring local Latin artists in the NYC tri-state area.  In 2014, PERFORMEANDO was presented, for the first time in Berlin with artists coming from different regions in the United States. In 2015 PERFORMEANDO continues with its programming in NYC, Berlin during the Month of Performance Art, and in Argentina, South America.

During MPA-B: Anthology, PERFORMEANDO introduces the following artists at Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB):
Shawn Escarciga (Mexico-United States), “Shanaynay.”
Angela Freiberger (Brazil-United States), “Bath’s house 7.”
José López (Mexico-Germany), “An American Nap.”
Oscar Martín (Spain-Germany), “In Between.”
Verónica Peña (Spain-United States), “Alien of Extraordinary Ability.”
Emilio Rojas (Mexico-Canada), “Glory of Western Civilization”
Rodolfo Salpietra (Italy-United States), “Come Dine With Me.”
Isabel Soares (Brazil-Germany), “8 Km. or Some Water.”
Doris Steinbichler (Austria-Mexico), “The Scream.”

PERFORMEANDO serves as platform for dialogue and exchange, and fosters collaborations based on the premise of experimentation and exploration of Live Action Art in the context of the Hispano-American experience in the United States. The project along with its program presentations in the city and abroad have contributed to a better understanding of the concerns, experiences and creative processes of participating artists. Since 2013, PERFORMEANDO has been presented in collaboration with spaces in the NYC area in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. In 2014, the program was presented and introduced to worldwide audiences during the Month of Performance Art in Berlin, Germany. For 2015 PERFORMEANDO will broaden its scope reaching out to Latin America to work with artists from various countries who have been making an impact in the development of Arte Acción. The exchange of experiences, ideas, and practices in performance will further contribute to the growth of participating artists and independent art spaces in the Americas.