2015 MAY 27


May 12-29:  THIS IS [TO TELL IT AS] IT: MPA━B  ANTHOLOGY (2011-2015) SOUND PLANTby The Committee on Publicness



TIME: 16:00-23:00
LOCATION: Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB) Haus 5D, Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119
ENTRANCE: Suggested Donations 3-5€
CURATED BY: Ilya Noé www.ilyanoe.com
Photo Credit: I. NoéThe “ErogateSurrogate

Performance Series,” which premiered during the third edition of MPA-B, is an on-going attempt to trouble the ethos of artistic autonomy and originality by exploring and evidencing the ways we co-create with and are co-created by the other.

“Erogation” (a word which sadly has fallen into disuse) is defined as the act of giving, bestowing, distributing, spending. It comes from the Latin e [out] + rogare [to ask, to propose, to stretch out]. Therefore, an “erogate performer” is one who offers, proposes a performance, sets it in motion. On the other hand, “surrogation” means putting into place of another, so a “surrogate performer” is one who carries and delivers a performance piece on the “erogate performer’s” behalf.

The protocol is simple: in the months, weeks or days leading up to a surrogate performance, erogate and proxy enter in a conversation about and around the piece on offer while keeping detailed notes and records of the sharing process. Of course, every pairing generates its own particular strategies and type of synergy, though ultimately, what this 2+year-long experiment has revealed is the extent to which erogacy and surrogacy are not two separate roles, but rather two stages of all creative processes. An erogation (a.k.a. an art piece) is only a starting point – rather than an “original” – while sharing and surrogating it is what keeps it (a)live and present. Surrogation, therefore, transforms into an erogation in its own right, carrying with it the potential to restart the cycle of erogationsurrogation over and over again. Erogation becomes surrogation becomes erogation becomes erogation…

For the closing edition of the platform, and in sharp contrast to the set-ups of the two previous years, the artists involved this time around have not only been already collaborating with and relying on each other for years, but will also perform as both erogates and surrogates. In other words, each artist will offer piece for surrogation and receive a piece to surrogate.

Ten distinct conversations will coalesce into 10 different performances on May 27. In order to attend to the many direct and indirect ways this particular circle of friends and MPA-B co-labourers have been infusing and internalizing each other throughout the last years/months/weeks/days/hours, a post-performances discussion will take place later in  the evening. In addition, all documentation related to this years’ projects, such as the artists’ and curator’s notes, will be available to the public during the entire day.

Adrian Brun cargocollective.com/adrianbrun
Jörn Burmester www.joernburmester.de
Francesca Romana Ciardi www.francescaromana.net
Florian Feigl florianfeigl.com
Camilla Graff Junior giraffgraff.com
Lan Hungh lanhungh.tk
Lise Mignon lapoulette.com
Ilya Noé www.ilyanoe.com
Aleks Slota www.aleksslota.com
Joël Verwimp sammlungmdr.de