2015 MAY 14


May 11-18 : THE ARTIST IS WORKING by Margaret Dragu
May 12-29:  THIS IS [TO TELL IT AS] IT: MPA━B  ANTHOLOGY (2011-2015) SOUND PLANTby The Committee on Publicness



TIME: 20:00-21:00
LOCATION: Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB) Haus 5D, Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119, www.meinblau.de
CURATED BY: Alexa Wilson cargocollective.com/alexawilson
Photo Credit: Leigh Fitzjames, Matthew George Richard Ward, photoshop by Samin Son

Peripheral Visions was an invitation to interested artists, theorists and activists in being involved in a performance/dialogue across technologies from cultural peripheries and will be a live collaboration between Alexa Wilson (Berlin/NZ based NZ artist) and Samin Son (NZ based Korean performance artist). These artists have been invited from the cultural peripheries from centres of power in the world to say what they would like from the peripheries to the power centres, in this case Berlin, Germany, 2015.

Artists contribute questions, statements, and conversations from a position of geographical and cultural peripherality in the forms of performance art instructions (for the performers present), speech/statement, dance, questions, sound/music or any other provocations or interactivity for Alexa Wilson and Samin Son or the audience.

The work and collaboration self consciously draws attention to the following relational power dynamics and concepts. It draws upon the internet and technology to heighten both distance and intimacy between cultures, by having performance, sound, video artists, activists and theorist contributors speak from the peripheries to a centre of power without having to be there and in fact heightening the distinction between ‘being there’ and ‘not being there’.

The work questions in its very structure the concept of speaking from the ‘outside’ to the ‘inside’, by facilitating this process through 2 performance artists from the cultural peripheries (NZ and Korea).

In the offering of their bodies to the work, the performance artists present at the event Alexa Wilson and Samin Son – whose processes and practices have for many years embodied intensely political and personal ideologies – they extend their working processes to the global communities from which they have come to speak. This embodiment of fractured communities offers a space for both the complications of identity and mis/representation or mis/translation so often seen in colonisation, exoticism and gentrification as well as a sense of community, dialogue or theorisation between the communities and individuals from where they came and the communities to whom they will be performed/communicated to.

Questions of cultural power, ambiguity, hierarchy, communication, translation, representation, intimacy, distance, global community, marginalisation, gendered and cultural identity emerge as a dialogue from this work which positions itself at a cultural centre of power, that is Berlin, Germany in 2015.

(Live) Alexa Wilson, Samin Son, (Distal) Tru Paraha, Iti Uhila, Hana Aoake, Gabrielle New, Kristian Larsen, Tatjana Seserko, Atsushi Iseki, Mariya Kupriyenka, Mic Watts, Sarah Campus, Kyah Dove, Tim Player, Caitlin Cook, Antony Milton, Lucy Hunter, Adrian Hall, Daniela Silva.




TIME: 12:00 (there is no end time)
LOCATION:  Embassy of the United States of America, Pariser Platz 2, 10117, Berlin, https://goo.gl/maps/ajPyw
CURATED BY: Aleks Slota www.aleksslota.com
Photo Credit: Aleks Slota

Throughout the week of 11th-17th of May I will visit various locations that are associated with political power and wait for a miracle. By miracle I mean some sort of tangible and instant improvement in the quality and effectiveness of governance (I retain the right to define a miracle as I please).

The performance consists of me arriving at the location and waiting, there is no specific duration for each wait period. When I get bored, lose “faith”, or if I simply have something better to do I leave. Each performance will be documented with a selfie type photo, taken so that I and the object of interest are in the frame. At the end of May the photos will be exhibited, including any evidence of a miracle occurring.

Aleks Slota www.aleksslota.com