2015 MAY 2




TIME: 10:00-18:00
LOCATION: Humboldt University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Northern European Studies
ENTRANCE: Participation is free but by invitation only
CURATED BY: Camilla Graff Junior and Luisa Greenfield www.facebook.com/pages/Giraff-Graff + www.luisagreenfield.com

“…once you know that you don’t know, you can begin to explore.”

Whereas knowing is generally considered a positive position to be in, the unknown is often perceived to be the opposite, a condition of uncertainty, dealing with the unfamiliar, the incomprehensible. Not knowing represents a lack or absence, an inadequacy to be overcome. However, since it also contains the possibility of the not-yet and the still-to-be, seeking out not knowing as a working process translates into a form of thinking through doing.

What role does not knowing play in your own art or academic work, in your everyday life? We invite performance artists and artistic researchers to develop and explore processes of working with not knowing where failure, boredom, chance and getting lost serve as constructive methods and resources. By thinking together, we hope to map our diverse approaches to working with not knowing.

The workshop weekend joins together three communities, the Month of Performance Art – Berlin, the Artistic Research study circle at the Nordic Summer University and the study group Creativity in Academic Work at Nordeuropa-Institut Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

* “Crossing Contexts” is a three-year program initiated in 2013.

FB INVITE: www.facebook.com/events/705854566198517
Boris Azemar
Shelley Etkin
Pepe Dayaw
Lan Hungh
Larissa Lily
Alexandra Litaker
Ilya Noé,
Joel Verwimp
and more.



TIME: 19:00-00:00
LOCATION: SOMA Liegnitzer Str. 34, 10999
CURATED BY: Open Space Performunion openspace32.de


Photo Credit: Luz ScherwinskiOften inherent in the tendencies of contemporary performance art is a strong emphasis on the risk of going into unknown territories and the trying of the untried. Many performances aim at being done one time only and are constructed solely for a specific and temporary location. The issue of repetition seems to be shunned as it is reminiscent of the practice of theatre, dance and music, which most of us specifically avoid. In the praxis of performance, however, and in the lifetime of artists who have been committed to performance for a longer time one arrives at a particular body of work, at images or techniques that re-occur and become an artist’s signature. One inevitably develops a performance repertory.

The upcoming “Anthology Edition” has inspired us to reflect on our own artistic development over the course of the previous years of affiliation with the MPA-B. We wish to pause from our organizational contributions to the past editions including the “World Stage Bullenwinkel” at MYFEST, which served as the opening performance and party event of the MPA in 2013 and 2014 as well as our festivals HUNGER, ESCAPE and CUT, and focus more intensely on our own condition as performance artists and as a performance group.

Members of the Open Space Performunion; Tizo All, Philip Kevin Brehse, Amy J. Klement, Emily Kuhnke, Michael Steger and Nabi Nara
are re – examining our individual and collective repertoire in an evening of Performaturgy, searching for that which feels necessary to repeat. The evening closes with a critical discourse about the theme of “Repertory” with the public and with visiting international performance artists of the MPA-B 2015 edition moderated by Jörn J. Burmester, performance artist and curator, about the origins of these works and their variations and developments over time, the influence of having performed them internationally and at various sites; street intersection, gallery, park, subway, church…. and asking why does it seem urgent to repeat them in a new context?

“Human Kites”?“Every Flag is a Border”?“Mine”?“The Funneling”?“Vodka and Glove”?“The International Tea Party”?”Manja Matta”?“One of Us Will Not Survive This”? “Altar”?“Ode To German Romanticism”?”What’s Next”?

Tizo All foradecena.wix.com
Philip Kevin Brehse
Amy J. Klement http://amyjklement.com/
Emily Kuhnke
Michael Steger
Nabi Nara