M O N T H  O F  P E R F O R M A N C E  A R T – B E R L I N | Born 2011 – Ended 2015

Curated by Lala Nomada

Latitud 32ºN/55ºS Latitud (φ), in English Latitude [in German “geographische Breite”] is a geographic coordinate that specifies the north-south position of a point on the Earth’s surface. The latitude points 32°43’06”N (north) and 55°58’44”S (South) refer to the highest (“northest”) part of Mexico to the lowest (“southest”) part of Chile, which means from the Bravo River to Cape Horn, exactly the extension where all Latitud 32°N/55°S participants come from. Different factors in the history and present of Latin America have formed a special identity in the people of these 22 countries. However, what is the difference between characteristic and cliché? In general, the Latin American production, especially the artistic production has suffer (and also made profit) of a typification of a “Latinness”, of a specific idea of what could come from Latin America. After being criticized because her work wasn’t “Latin” enough, Lala Nomada* decided to respond with an event that shows the contemporary situation of Performance art in Latin-America, wondering if it is still possible to believe in clichés in a globalized era…? And why some people believe that is possible to typify a feature and does not give it an opportunity to show itself in different ways? This event should point out that it is impossible to make a definition of what “Latin Art” is, and in general the problematic of making a definition of art in relation to the origin of any artist.

With this curatorial project Lala’s objective is to make one kind of visual museum, where the audience can get information by participating, actively or not, in the works of the artists, going home with fulfilled minds, different opinions and questions, but especially with the wish of knowing more. In this case Lala’s interest in organizing such an event is the creation of a response to the typification or definition of what is or should be Latin American art, and above all to show how multifaceted or versatile it can be, without being necessarily part of a collective cliché.

Latitud 32°N/55°S will have the honour to present the following artists (listed alphabetically):
– Alejandra Herrera (CL) – Alexia Miranda (SV) – Ana Alenso (VE) – Diogobo (BR) – Elgalpon Espacio: Diana Daf Collazos and Jorge Baldeon (PE) – Ismael Ogando (DO) – Jesus Jimenez (MX) – Miguel Jara Yurazeck (CL) – Nancy Gewölb Mayanz (CL) – Niña Yhared (MX) – Sebastian Hau- Walker (MX/ GB)

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TIME: 10:00-17:00
WHERE: Mitte, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow-Köpenick.


Site specific interventions across several boroughs in the city.  For artists’ exact route and locations please visit: www.flavors.me/latitud_32n55s


TIME: 18:00-22:00
WHERE: MeinBlau e.V. Christinenstr.18/19, Haus 5, 10119


Showing of performance art works by Alejandra Herrera (CL) – Alexia Miranda (SV) – Ana Alenso (VE) – Diogobo (BR) – Elgalpon Espacio: Diana Daf Collazos and Jorge Baldeon (PE) – Ismael Ogando (DO) – Jesus Jimenez (MX) – Miguel Jara Yurazeck (CL) – Nancy Gewölb Mayanz (CL) – Niña Yhared (MX) – Sebastian Hau- Walker (MX/ GB)


TIME: 19:00-22:00
WHERE: Grimmstrasse 30, 10967 (buzzer: Maxted/Bier)


You are invited to take part in a talk with the LATITUD 32ºN/55ºS artists, during which contemporary performance art practices from Latin America will be shared and discussed.
Picture Photo Credit: Jesus Jimenez – “David & Goliat”

Alejandra Beatriz Herrera Silva has been an active organizer, artist and teacher in the field of performance for more than a decade and has exhibited her work extensively all over the world. Originally from Santiago, Chile, she was a founding member of the PerfoPuerto arts organization which was responsible for presenting the works of over 100 regional, national and international artists at varied locations throughout South America. She currently resides in Los Angeles, USA and continues to actively organize exhibits and perform her own solo works. Recent Exhibits: Iowa USA, Kuopio Finland, Zagreb Croatia, Toronto, Canada, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, etc and at track 16 gallery, LACE and Human Resourses L.A.
ANA ALENSO (Venezuela)

Ana Alenso, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, graduated in 2004 from the University Institute of Advanced Studies in Fine Arts Armando Reveron. In her work she explores the performance, installation, sculpture, photography and video. Since 2003 she has participated in numerous group exhibitions, shows and contemporary art biennials in Venezuela and other countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Serbia and Spain. In 2012 completed a Master in Media Arts at the Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany) and is currently studying the master of “Art in Context” at the University of Arts UDK Berlin.
Elgalpon Espacio is a self-managed project focused on the production and dissemination of artistic research and experimentation in the field of performance and multidisciplinary arts. This space was created and is coordinated and curate by the Peruvian artists Jorge Baldeón and Diana Daf Collazos. As artists they investigate the language of performance art in its various manifestations, developing works and calling other creators to collective projects. As facilitators they promote in their space performance art presentations and performing arts, as well as interdisciplinary artists portfolios, video games, art, music project presentations, workshops, lectures, artist residencies, etc. They also coordinate interdisciplinary pedagogic laboratories, and the annual Performance art meeting “Experienicias de la carne”. Jorge Baldeón studied fine arts at the School of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru and at the University of Arts UDK in Berlin, Germany and also has a Cultural Management Diploma at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He is an associated artist of the group Cultural Yuyachkani. Diana Daf Collazos is a Multidisciplinary Artist and independent cultural manager. Her work focuses on performance, urban intervention, video and installation. Since 2005 she has exhibited and presented his work at various meetings and cultural spaces in several Peruvian cities such as Lima, Huaraz, Cusco and Arequipa, and abroad in Lota (Chile), Arizona (U.S.), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Salvador Bahia (Brazil).
Miguel Jara Yurazeck has a Bachelor in Visual Arts at the University of Chile, in which part of his studies run at the IUNA of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has curate and participated in several group exhibitions, and has worked and colaborates in several research teams on the field of the visual arts. His work is based on photography, design and digital media, mixing these languages to the field of installation and performance art. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2011.

Niña Yhared’s (1814) work has been recognized both, nationally and abroad; she is specialist on the diffusion and promotion of performance art and through her “performance” gallery “The House of the Girl”. She showed over 100 performances in Mexico (Ex Teresa Actual Art, Alameda Art Laboratory, Spanish Cultural Center, and in the “CANTE” belonging to the Centennial Art Center of San Luis Potosí, among others) and abroad (PerforArt Spai Gallery in Barcelona; MOCA in Tucson, Arizona; “Humming Bird” Studio Gallery, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; LACE Gallery-Los Angeles, Contemporary Exhibitions, LA, California, Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center ALAC, Phoenix, Arizona), “La Tabacalera”, Madrid, Spain, Artium, Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, with the collaboration of Lala Nómada, at SAVVY Contemporary Gallery – The Laboratory of Form-Ideas, in Berlin, Germany. In 2012 participates in Rip Off III Festival, in Barcelona Spain and in the Cultural Center Chilavert, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has her BA in Visual Arts at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” INBA. Now she has her Masters Degree in Visual Arts at the Academy of San Carlos (ENAP, UNAM).

Lala Nomada is a Mexican artist based in Berlin and Cologne. She is a multidisciplinary artist mainly active in the field of performance art and installation. She is formed as plastic and visual artist and art conservator, and has also participated in several performance workshops with internationally recognized artists (Jürgen Fritz, He Chenyao, BBB Johannes Deimling, Antoni Karwowski, Ingolf Keiner, among others).
Her work has been presented, in solo and in groups in Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Turkey and Holland. She has participated in international festivals such as “Arizona Between Nosotros”, “Performing Sciences”, “Exchange Radical Moments” and IPA Platform for Young Performance Artist 2012. Nowadays she works together with the performance network “PAErsche” performing and organizing / curating performance events. She is the creator and curator of the event “Latitud 32°N55°S” a platform for Latin American performance. The work process of Lala Nomada is based on the creation of ephemeral sculptures during her performances, which themselves do not focus just in the construction of the sculpture, but in the qualities of the “analysed” material or situation, transmitting to the audience not just an image but also the interest on the material qualities, its sounds, weight, flavour and textures. As Frida Kahlo said: “hands in the eyes”, Lala tries to put all her senses into the perception of the audience.ALEXIA MIRANDA (El Salvador)

Alexia Miranda is a multidisciplinary artist studied humanities, art and contemporary dance in UDLA University of Las Americas, Puebla, México 1996-2001. She become a dancer at the National School of Dance of El Salvador and also studied a diploma in Transpersonal Psychology in University José Matías Delgado of El Salvador. She has given workshops in body expression and art history at the National University of El Salvador UES, and participated artistically at the National Center of Arts CENAR, Talented Youth Program at UTEC, Cultural Center of Spain in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. She has also worked for several years in art therapy programs for ONG´S against violence. Her work has been exposed in countries such as México, U.S.A, Spain, Berlín, Lituania, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. She has showed her work at: Miami International Performance Festival 2012, Third Biennale of performance art DEFORMES 2010 in Chile. Her work has also received several awards and recognitions. She created the First Open National Call of Performance Art in El Salvador 2009; right now she works and directs CATAPULTA a Multidisciplinary Platform. She has also received several awards and recognitions.
DIOGOBO (Brazil)

Diogobo is an artist who works in the field of performance art. He relies almost exclusively of biography as a research subject in his work. The questioning of the boundaries between fiction and reality, body and environment is always present in his work.
ISMAEL OGANDO (Dominican Republic)

Ismael Ogando, born in Dominican Republic, works on the Body’s Memory with actions concerning identity issues in the Caribbean social context related to Religion, Sex and African heritage. Attended the school of Visual Arts in Santiago and after joined the Humanistic Sciences faculty to study Social Psychology at the Autonomous University in Santo Domingo. He has been performing since 2006 participating in residency programs and festival in United States, Frances, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Dominican Republic as well. http://www.ismaelogando.org Jesus Jimenez (Mexico) Jesús Jiménez is a Mexican artist with a MA in Photography from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London 2007, and a B.A. in Managerial Finance, at the I.T.E.S.M. Campus Guadalajara 2000. He has exhibited individually in México, Spain, and USA. He also has exhibited collectively in USA, Latin America, U.K., Italy, Canada, and México. His work has been published and recognized nationally and internationally: Finalist International Laguna Art Prize Venice Arsenale 2012. Selected PREFIX 22 Institute of contemporary Arts Toronto. Selected for Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 2008, Photographers’ Gallery 07/08, Selected for International Discoveries Foto Fest Houston, 10/07, Selected ITS photo web Trieste Italy 2009, The Art of Photography 2009 San Diego California USA, Future 50, axisweb 11/08, Selected Future Map, University of the Arts London, David Roberts Art Foundation 11/2008, Young Creators Grant holder Mexican Fund for the Arts and Culture FONCA 2008. Nominated Shots young photographers London 08/07. Nomination Young Artist Creator Award, Mexico, 2008.

Nancy Gewölb Mayanz, born in Santiago, Chile, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Chile and is professor at the University of Playa Ancha. Lives and works in Valparaiso. She developed from 1982 to 2013 as base for her aesthetic and philosophical creative work a unique trademark based on the artist-viewer interaction. Such interaction is crucial to the aesthetic purpose of her production, where the audience becomes a central figure in the mechanisms that grant meaning to the work. It is ultimately the recipient who closes the artist-viewer equation. The diverse procedures and materials employed in her performances reveal a deep formal and content-based search. The challenging approach, in turn, is immersed in identifiable tragic aspects of our recent history. Her artistic pursuit is based on reviewing and questioning, but as she says “the response always falls upon those viewers who are able to see”. She has had solo and group exhibitions in various places like the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Mapocho Cultural Center, Animal Gallery, Gallery of Cerro, IFA Gallerie Bonn (Germany), Ekeby Qvarn Art Space, (Uppsala, Sweden), the VIII International Biennial of Valparaiso in 1987, Third Biennial of Art in Havana “Cuba,” Valley of the Artists “MAVI, Santiago, Chile.

Sebastian H.W. continues his performance project(s) NewWorldBorders with a new performance CHEKPÜNKTO. He has thus far performed in the UK, the US and around Continental Europe. His practice predominantly focuses on performance research in site-specific contexts. His performance research is constantly changing. His areas of interest include the performance of exchange, the performance of writing and text, the illumination of performance, performer-as-vessel, performance within the urban context, and of course, the performance of borders, boundaries and barriers. Raised across the oceans between the Americas and Europe, Sebastian rejects origins and lineage in favour of exploring the potential for artists to deconstruct associations with imposed nationalities in order to transgress into autonomous and undiscovered zones of New Worlds. He is the founder of CLUSTER BOMB [collective], a contemporary performance and theatre collective, an associate artist at ]performance s p a c e [ London and curator of CelláSalón, an evening of experiments in live performance. He is based in London, UK. The performance CHEKPÜNKTO will be a collaboration with Alfredo Hau-Paredes, the artists’ father. Create a free websitePowered by Create a free websitePowered by Quantcast 0) {var frameHeight = jQuery($commentFrame[0].contentWindow.document).height() + 50;$commentFrame.css(‘min-height’, frameHeight + ‘px’);}if (jQuery(‘.product-button’).length > 0){jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(‘.product-button’).parent().each(function(index, product){if(jQuery(product).attr(‘target’) == ‘paypal’){if (!jQuery(product).find(‘> [name=”bn”]’).length){jQuery(”).attr({type: ‘hidden’,name: ‘bn’,value: ‘DragAndDropBuil_SP_EC’}).appendTo(product);}}});});}}else {// Prototype$$(‘div.blog-social div.fb-like’).each(function(div) {div.className = ‘blog-social-item blog-fb-like’;});$$(‘#commentArea iframe’).each(function(iframe) {iframe.style.minHeight = ‘410px’;});}}catch(ex) {}})(window._W && _W.jQuery);]]>✕