M O N T H  O F  P E R F O R M A N C E  A R T – B E R L I N | Born 2011 – Ended 2015

Curated by Laura Biagioni

A subversive stage and a visionary approach to arts and technologies are objects of a curatorial praxis, aimed at creating alternative platforms for interactions. Exploring the most recent expressions of dance, music, visual art and experimental theater, I research new formulas to create and promote an idea of performance art, where roles are reversed and the distance between artist and spectator revoked. My practice establishes total-art spaces for freethinkers and is intended to inspire minds, challenge eyes and surprise ears. Focusing on site-specific installations and human-specific collaborations, I want to explore the tensions between the rational world we live in and the richness of our imagination.

How can Performance Art create environments to work as mirror for the spectator and conduct him in a travel into himself? With this question in mind, the artists of the performance series SHADOWS by reflecting on the universal law of action and reaction, will bring to light the shadows of the contemporary man and his conflicting perception of himself as part of the social system.
With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin: Picture

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TIME: 18:30-22:30
WHERE: Ada Studio at Uferstudios GmbH Badstr. 41a (Studio 7) 13357
Picture Photo Credit: Animal Spirits – Mali Weil

Mali Weil

“What can you do?
I run fast.
I speak Chinese very well.
And you?
I work for an information technology lab.
And you?
Ask to my Animal Spirit”
We are settled into the image we have about us.
We are settled to have our stable shadow under the feet.
We used to be innocuous.
But if the context changed? If we were forced to wake up the political animal into us?
Was our shadow in the right?
Animal Spirits is a performance in which the viewer develops in a very short time an unprecedented projection of himself.
The shadow is conceived not in a psychological way but as an opening to a political meaning: it is a public face we don’t yet recognise as ours, an active role we think we are unable to assume. Through bureaucratic tools, visual design and visual storytelling elements Mali Weil creates a usual but also a visionary space where to sketch our animal spirit identikit.

Concept and realization: Mali Weil | www.maliweil.org
Sound design: Elettra Bargiacchi
In collaboration with Centrale Fies and with the support of Movin’Up – GAI



TIME: Both days: 11:00-15:00
COST: 50€
WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: info.animalspirits@gmail.com
WHERE: N.K. | Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059  | www.nkprojekt.de


This two day-long workshop conducted by Mali Weil focuses on the development of a relational performance through the conceptual analysis of the creative process and practice
exercises made by the partecipants about a common concept to develop a simple relational path.


TIME: Both days: 16:00-21:00
COST: 50€
WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: stratofyzikaworkshop@gmail.com
WHERE: N.K. | Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059  | www.nkprojekt.de


Workshop will be structured subsequently: presenting the complex system of interaction in audiovisual performance, closer examination of each contemporary art form: audio (composition of experimental electronic music, live production, improvisation, sound characters and experiments), visuals (on a wider range of physical/visual interaction, interaction within responsive environments, and interaction between physical and virtual worlds) and movements (various dance approaches in performance; making conscious decisions in relationship to the audio and visual elements created and making maps for choreography generated by various qualities of movement, authentic movement exercise in relationship to concept of shadows, dualities and atavisms), theoretical summary of each part, a functional explanation and practical experimentation with techniques and possibilities within each form, creating a new concept for the workshop group and final creation of new practical and concrete piece.

Attendants will be split into three groups, led by a person respectively in their focus of audio, visuals or movement. We will accent the constant relationship between audio – visual – performance. On conceptual level of audio representing time perception, common emotional experiences and abstract language, visuals building architecture in space, defying images or creating illusions, dance as presentation of dynamic force and velocity, together in interaction with audio and visuals. All approaches are versatile, all three parts of audiovisual performance has the same potency of carrying metaphors of the story, interpreting the final piece in a congenial trinity. We will explore the practical and conceptual implications of working with interactive tools, instruments and computer-controlled systems within performance conditions. Interactive tools and systems, ranging from multimedia and real time synthesis software (Max/MSP, Isadora) to the construction of proximity sensors (haptic, pressure and flex sensors, etc), distance-sensor (e.g. ultrasound, laser) or camera/video-based responsive environments and “seeing spaces”. All that linked to Audio (on Ableton Live), within action/reaction “forces”. Opportunities for learning about creative applications of digital technologies in dance and performance and for developing individual approaches and aesthetics are still not easy to have, and stronger partnerships between choreographers, musicians and software programmers but also with practitioners from the communications and social science fields need to be forged in order to further our understanding of the physical, cognitive, and social dimensions of interactivity.



TIME:  19:30 + 21:30
ENTRANCE:  10€/7€
WHERE: UFERSTUDIOS – studio 1 | Badstr. 41a, 13357 |


This movement-based interactive audio-visual performance, “Shadows of aiKia” is a project following the previous performance II aiKia II, presented live at Platoon Kunsthalle on 18 August 2012. II aiKia II was conceptually inspired by the process of individuation, described by Carl Gustav Jung’s
analytical psychology. Conceptually, this most recent incarnation is based on a deeper analysis which focuses
on the “shadow aspects” of our egos; parts of our personality which remain unconscious, which we are not aware of, with our tendency to reject or ignore these negative aspects. There are necessary steps to uncovering dark shadows by paying attention to processes of negative aspects of our minds
mirrored by other people. This is called projection. Once we see clearly, like in a mirror that life sets in front of us, why certain things are making us angry, disturbing us or stirring our emotions, we need to understand it and embrace it as equal parts of our individualities. This new approach allows us to comprehend a positive side of denying those “wrong” parts, taking new perspectives, for example that we could achieve certain goals due to our fight against them. There is also a “white” shadow as positive aspect we admire. It might inspire us to behave like our idols, therefore if we accept this
positive shadow, we might achieve similar aims as of our heroes.

The goal is to find our true self in repeating self-actualization; we face the history of ourselves in a continuous link to our unconscious past which repeats, ultimately setting a pattern
which creates our future.

For this performance art piece we design an environment where the stage performers are not bound to static expressions of sound and visuals. We are working with behaviour-based approaches in reaction with interactive software settings for sound and visuals. These approaches
and technologies affect the environment; adjusting the situations of appearance of shadows, their recognition as mirror effect and projections, their acceptance in the complex of the personality, change of the position of ego
towards those elements. We want to achieve an emotional and physical sensation for the audience where the sound and visuals are in interaction with the dancer embodying
the space we will create.

This will be done with original visual and audio content, software and hardware interaction. This dynamic interactivity engages both the stage performers and audience to a deeper level of interest and identification.
Another possible interpretation Shadows of aiKia is research and examination of the relationship in between body and its biological existence and system of elements, light and sound,
both vibrations in the space existing in due to time line. What is the relationship between human consciousness, space where it’s placed and its perception of time. We reproduce a metaphorical creation of the relativity of those dimensions, according to theory of special relativity, testing the limits of speed and trying to win over the equation defining energy and mass.

The visual and audio elements will be connected with the dancer’s heartbeats, body heat and sweat, which will be the consequences of mind and body reactions onto the audio-visual environment. The dance and movement will focus on duality and the juxtaposition of one’s ego of light and/or dark shadow in the space defined by and in relationship to the visuals and sound.

The space and time, light and sound will become other shadows of the person in the labyrinth of its existence.

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