2014 MAY 18

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WHERE: MPA-HUB, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243
ENTRANCE: Donations
CURATED BY:  Joseph Patricio (Pepe), Lise Poulette
nowherekitchen.com | lapoulettepresente.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: PePeLiLi



Food performs, food performed… a Saturday afternoon feast of live aphrodisiacs, phagy rituals, food post-porno… Various artists working with food and performing foodies will gather and simultaneously create a spectrum of edible acts and games. For the love of food!



WHERE: MOMENTUM, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 momentumworldwide.org
CURATED BY: Rachel Rits-Volloch momentumworldwide.org

For MPA-B, MOMENTUM curates a month-long program of Performance Sundays entitled WORKS ON PAPER II. Works on Paper inverts classic assumptions of paper as a medium, inviting performance artists to approach paper not as a static blank canvas, but as a dynamic source of conceptual and performative possibility. This year’s WORKS ON PAPER takes place parallel to MOMENTUM’s exhibition PANDAMONIUM: Media Art from Shanghai.

PANDAMONIUM is the collision of Panda Diplomacy – China’s longstanding practice of sending cute fluffy mammals into the world – with its most enticing cultural export of the day: Contemporary Art. WORKS ON PAPER II focuses on China, where the painting of calligraphy, from its very origins, had a performative aspect.




Performance by Qiu Anxiong, “Finite Element”

Especially for MOMENTUM’s ‘Works on Paper II’ series during Berlin’s Month of Performance Art, PANDAMONIUM’s artist in residence Qiu Anxiong embarks on an experiment to explore new, uncharted territory in his artistic practice. For the first time in his oeuvre, Anxiong will combine video with live performance and animated paper cut-outs, all overlaid to create a surreal contemporary re-invention form of the traditionally Chinese art of Shadow Theatre. Projected onto a screen resembling the form of classical Chinese scrolls, the traditional medium of paper is here re-imagined  and animated with moving images and moving bodies.

Qiu Anxiong (b. 1972, Chengdu) was born in the capital of Sichuan province in the southwest of China. There, he studied under the progressive artistic practice of Ye Yongqing and Zhang Xiaogang. Qiu and his friends collectively founded a bar which became a hub for the blossoming underground music and art circles in Sichuan, and his colleagues included He Duoling, Zhou Chunya, and Shen Xiaotong. In his animated films, Qiu co-mingles the classical and the contemporary, using the traditional Chinese ink-and-wash style to transpose contemporary social and environmental issues onto traditional Chinese landscapes. Qiu has exhibited broadly internationally, having studied contemporary international art and traditional Chinese culture at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany. In 2004 he began teaching at Shanghai Normal University and currently lives and works in Shanghai. Qiu received the Chinese Contemporary Art Award in 2006 and has exhibited widely, including a recent solo-show, titled Qiu Anxiong, The New Book of Mountains and Seas II at the Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, Denmark (2013) and group exhibition ‘Ink Art’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2013). He is one of the artists undertaking the PANDAMONIUM Residency, and will be producing new work for this show.

The series runs on  May 4, 11, 18, 25 with a closing event on June 1


WHERE: OKK/RAUM9 Prinzenallee 29 13359

CURATED BY: Hector Canonge  www.hectorcanonge.net

PERFORMEANDO (Spanish colloquial word for putting an act, an action, a performance) is the first Performance Art program / project focusing on featuring works by performance artists who identify themselves as Latin/o/a or Hispanic. Created by artist, Hector Canonge, PERFORMEANDO aims to highlight the work(s) of selected artists, serves as platform for dialogue and exchange, and aims to create a network for future collaborations and presentations. The program was launched in 2013 and presented in collaboration with local galleries, art spaces and cultural organizations in New York City. During the monthly presentations, artists were encouraged to explore various forms of live art and propose collaborative performances in and around the city. PERFORMEANDO at MPA-B 2014 will feature artists whose work explore notions of identity and geography.



PERFORMEANDO at MPA-B 2014 will feature artists whose work explore notions of identity, culture and geography. Selected artists for this special presentation at OkK include: Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez with “Pumpkin Magic” a performance Inspired by the historical relationship between the Spanish Caribbean and Germany through references to the tantalizing settler incentives of the 19th century, Allison Fuentes  with “race”, an engaging performance that motivates the public to question their culturally perceived notions of space and privacy with by satirizing the display of a racetrack, Verónica Peña presents “The Door,” a performance about love, desire, and separation due to immigration policies in the US, and Hector Canonge with “Ch’irmi” (from the Quechua word for Blink) a new work created while living for the past few months in South America.

Ian Deleon‘s multidisciplinary practice explores the ways in which information media, popular culture, and consumer products serve to reinforce problematic colonial narratives, especially in the context of the Caribbean. Deleon received a B.F.A. from the Studio for Interrelated Media department at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Allison Fuentes is a performance artist with an academic background in fine art photography. Fuentes’ work explores issues of gender and identity. As a female artists working in a male dominated medium Fuentes uses the gaze to her advantage as she questions the voyeuristic quality of photography. www.allisonfuentes.com

Veronica Peña is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain based in New York. Peña’s work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through performance art. Her recent work consists of experimental participatory performances that create shared moments amongst strangers. www.veronicapena.com

Anabel Vazquez is an artist and independent curator. Her photography, film, and video, explores sociopolitical issues from an autobiographical perspective, and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Vazquez studied Painting at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, and Photography and Film at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design. www.anabelvazquez.com

Hector Canonge, curator, as an artist he thematizes the construction of identity, gender roles, and migration policies. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum or intervening directly in public spaces, his performance mediate movement, endurance, ritualistic processes and interactive narratives that prompt public engagement, dialogue, and reflection. www.hectorcanonge.net


Running on May 16 and May 18


WHERE: MPA-HUB, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243
ENTRANCE: Donations
CURATED BY: Yoto and Dirk Thorwarth
aneveningofwishes.eu | www.meinzeitraum.de

  Photo Credit: Nadja Lasbek



 If you ask me what I wish for this evening, then I would say “let it feel like everyone in the room opens a fortune cookie and reads it out loud” 

Curators Yoto and Dirk invite creatives across different backgrounds to present short performances around the theme ‘wishes’.  Everyone was asked to “Think about the wishes you have in your life, for your future or your health, or wishes you have for this planet, your folks, the humanity in general or someone in particular.”

The evening will present short term pieces of performance art, poetry and music. A casual meeting and a quest of what we wish for….. and maybe an open stage will be included for spontaneous statements of your wishes. Lets see how brave an audience can be.