2016 MAY 16

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CURATED BY: Vincent Chomaz & ZONA DYNAMIC: Edgar Khandzratyan, Elisa Schönherr www.zonadynamic.com

Philipp Klein



TRILLENIUM is a musical improvisation played by Constantin Engelmann and Elisa Storelli dealing with chaotic systems and their behavior in time and space. Played inside the cube, the normalized concert situa-tion will then mutate into something else, enabling in the process a different kind of possibilities for the public to be confronted to the medium, sound or music.

In VOYEURS, performers don’t act directly in front of the public. They are entrapped within the exhibiting apparatus, a closed white cube of 8m³ (2m by 2m by 2m) from which spectators are excluded. And if they are not inside the cube, they are forced outside of it. They can surround it, move around it, sit next to it, stand far from it, look at it, come closer and maybe peep in it – or do none of the above. It is their choice. For MPA-B 2014, through a series of performances and performative interventions set in the public space, VOYEURS explores the accidental interactions that can arise from the accidental encounter between the work and its possible audience; thus focusing on the public as the – or a – performer and the idea of the audience as a canvas for action and reaction.

Constantin Engelmann (DE) www.nitnatsnoc.org
Elisa Storelli (CH) elisastorelli.ch 

Voyeurs runs on May 1, 2, 8, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 and with a closing finissage on the 27



TIME: 18:00-22:00
WHERE: MPA-HUB Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243
CURATED BY: Hector Canonge www.hectorcanonge.net

PERFORMEANDO (Spanish colloquial word for putting an act, an action, a performance) is the first Performance Art program / project focusing on featuring works by performance artists who identify themselves as Latin/o/a or Hispanic. Created by artist, Hector Canonge, PERFORMEANDO aims to highlight the work(s) of selected artists, serves as platform for dialogue and exchange, and aims to create a network for future collaborations and presentations. The program was launched in 2013 and presented in collaboration with local galleries, art spaces and cultural organizations in New York City. During the monthly presentations, artists were encouraged to explore various forms of live art and propose collaborative performances in and around the city.



PERFORMEANDO at MPA-B 2014 will feature artists whose work explore notions of identity, culture and geography:  In “El Grito De Gallos” (The Scream of Cocks) Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez continue their exploration of nostalgia and mourning to touch on issues of colonial exploitation of the Caribbean; Veronica Peña brings “The Wall” a very personal, participatory performance inspired by memories of her father and the emptiness left after his suicide; Allison Fuentes engages the public to question their culturally perceived notions of space and privacy with “Race,” a performance that satirizes the display of a racetrack, and Hector Canonge presents “Laqhiy” (Quechua word for Peeling) a new work created while living for the past few months in South America.

Ian Deleón‘s multidisciplinary practice explores the ways in which information media, popular culture, and consumer products serve to reinforce problematic colonial narratives, especially in the context of the Caribbean. Deleón received a B.F.A. from the Studio for Interrelated Media department at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. www.iandeleon.com

Allison Fuentes is a performance artist with an academic background in fine art photography. Fuentes’ work explores issues of gender and identity. As a female artists working in a male dominated medium Fuentes uses the gaze to her advantage as she questions the voyeuristic quality of photography. www.allisonfuentes.com

Verónica Peña is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain based in New York. Peña’s work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through performance art. Her recent work consists of experimental participatory performances that create shared moments amongst strangers. www.veronicapena.com

Anabel Vázquez is an artist and independent curator. Her photography, film, and video, explores sociopolitical issues from an autobiographical perspective, and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Vázquez Rodríguez studied Painting at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, and Photography and Film at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design. www.anabelvazquez.com

Hector Canonge, curator, as an artist he thematizes the construction of identity, gender roles, and migration policies. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum or intervening directly in public spaces, his performance mediate movement, endurance, ritualistic processes and interactive narratives that prompt public engagement, dialogue, and reflection. www.hectorcanonge.net

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Running on May 16 and May 18


WHERE: WestGermany Skalitzer str. 133, 10999
ENTRANCE: Donations
CURATED BY: NGinPA www.nginpa.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: NGinPA



NGinPA, a new Berlin-based collective dealing with the “Normative Gaze” in Performance Art, presents its first performance at the venue WestGermany. Specifically exploring gendered notions of both performance and perception in art, the group’s diverse experiences and opinions come together to put forth new and challenging ideas. The piece is the product of a weeklong process of creative collaboration of NGinPA’s performance artists, dancers musicians, writers, and visual artists from Germany, Italy, Argentina, UK, USA, France, Poland, Romania, Australia and Israel. This collective will continue working together indefinitely.