2014 MAY 7

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WHERE:  MPA-HUB, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243
CURATED BY: Lala Nomada
lala-nomada.me | www.flavors.me/latitud_32n55s

Photo Credit: Alexia Miranda at Latitud 2013 ARTISTS:
Débora Carnevali (MX) www.deboracarnevali.weebly.com
Edurado Oramas (CO) www.eduardooramas.com
Elizabeth Wurst (PE) www.elizabethwurst.com
Fausto Luna (MX) www.fausto-luna.tumblr.com
Gonzalo Rabanal (CH) www.rabanalgonzalo.blogspot.com
Ian Deleón (CU/BR) www.iandeleon.com
Karla Rebolledo (MX) www.youtube.com/watch?  v=Yksl528XDJ4
Lorena Lo Peña (PE) www.lorenalopena.blogspot.com
Nancy Gewölb  (CH) www.nancygewolb.com 
Omar Góngora (MX) www.omargongoraguzman.blogspot.com
Pancho López (MX) www.aspaceforliveart.org/?page=people&id=581



Latitud (φ). In English Latitude (in German “geographische Breite”) is a geographical coordinate that specifies the North-South position of a point on the Earth’s surface. The latitude points 32°43’06”N (North) and 55°58’44”S (South) refer to the highest (“northest”) part of Mexico to the lowest (“southest”) part of Chile, which means from Bravo River to Cape Horn.

On May 7th a group of performers, who have come specifically from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Cuba and Brazil to present new work at MPA-B 2014, will take part in a series of indoor performances at the MPA-B’s central venue: the MPA-HUB.

As a continuation of their May 6th site-specific performance art event, the artists will take up residence at the MPA-B site along the banks of the river Spree for the entire day to present their performance art works, which are marked by a diversity of media and styles.

Latitud 32°N/55°S explores notions, stereotypes and characteristics of “Latinness” and “Latin American Art”. Over the course of three days, Latitud 32°N/55°S will present the work of 11 performance artists who through site-specific performances, indoor actions and lectures expose the problem of setting standard definitions of art, art practice and context, according to the artists’ geographical and/or ethnic origin.

The series started on May 6 and continues on May 8.