Created by Stefan Riebel

This year: ?(*♥♥!#= [performance on*with*through language] the festival for conceptual / non-expressive / non-dramatic actions and interventions


TIME: daily 12:00-22:00
WHERE: Abteilung für Alles Andere  Ackerstrasse 18, 10115 | www.i-a-m.tk


“Direct Action 2013″ … is a performance gathering taking place from May 3rd-5th at the Abteilung für Alles Andere in Berlin-Mitte. Running for its fourth year now and in close cooperation with the Institut Für Alles Mögliche, DA*13 will feature a wide range of performances and experiments in 4 sections: a*(invited artists) – b*(students) – c*(open stage) – d*(linked projects). The festival topic this year focuses on “performance on*with*through language” and is bringing together artists under the theme of non-expressive-, non-dramatic-actions, minimal moves, conceptual gestures and media interventions. Interested in providing space for people working with different approaches and practices in the field of performance art, DA*13 will create an open and international platform for multi-layered actions, discussions, and networking over the course of three days. DA*13 highlights the concept of “works-in-progress” – giving the participants an opportunity to discuss and develop their work further during the festival. [ DIRECT ACTION ] took place for the first time in September 2010 at the Institut Für Alles Mögliche (Zentrale) in Berlin with 26 participating artists from seven different countries. In May 2011 the festival was presented in the frame of the first edition of the MPA–B. 76 artists from 26 countries followed the call for performance on/for/at video. Almost all
the participants’ works were shown during a two-day screening that was accompanied by a programme with invited live acts such as Oliver Breitenstein (de), Mike Edgerton (usa/nl) and Marion Ritzmann (ch). The screening programme was later on shown at exhibitions in Hannover and Penzance, UK. in 2012 the event shaped up to be “the conceptual part” of MPA–B and hosted 38 artists for an intense weekend at the Abteilung Für Alles Andere”. Special guests were Karl Heinz Jeron (d), Lisa Jeschke (d/uk), Florian Kuhlmann (d) and students of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

INVITED: Dominik + Matthew Crookes + Nina Ross + Anette Friedrich Johannessen | OPEN STAGE with: Aron Lesnik + Karl Heinz Jeron + Kera Mackenzie + Florian Kiniques + Michael Pohl + Dorthe Pedersen + Students from the Academy of Visual Arts Liepzig + …