Curated by Mike Hentz


KIM 2 live trance jazz improvisation performance Sergei Kleyn (DJ for the night)

TIME: May 8th 21:00
KingKongKlub | Brunnenstr. 173, Berlin | www.king-kong-klub.de


KIM 3 live trance jazz improvisation performance

TIME: May 9th 21:00
WHERE: Peppi Guggenheim | Weichselstr. 7, Neukölln | peppi-guggenheim.de
KIM stands for Kay, Ignaz and Mike – the first names of, respectively, Degner *drums,Schick*alto sax; and Hentz *Jews harps – a trio of musicians living and working in Berlin, DE. KIM is two generations of German cutting edge music, and a myriad of different musical worlds, united under the same umbrella by shamanic trance master Mike Hentz. Kay, the K, comes from the world of psychedelic rock (most famously drumming since the 90s with Mamasweed). Ignaz, the I, is a virtuoso alto saxophonist (and analog electronics wizard elsewhere), respected for his solo work and collaborations with minimalist composer legend Charlemagne Palestine (USA). And the MMike Hentz, has made his mark in the realms of art, punk/new wave, experimental (with Bob Rutman and Faust‘s H.-J. Irmler) and world fusion (with Cologne Music Connection).

Together, KIM weave their influences into a unique mix, going through and beyond styles, but always grooving, swinging and creating melodies. Theirs is the music for our hips, feet and (hopefully, lost) mind, taking us along for a rollercoaster ride, Berlin underground crazy style, 21st century and all the way back and forth. And always 100% improvised in the spirit of the moment. Fasten your seatbelts and take a trip.


Sergei Kleyn is a writer, composer, artist and radio disk jockey with life-long passion for musical archeology. Born in the USSR and raised in the USA, he has then traveled the world with his craft, and is now residing in Berlin. Based in Ukraine and Russia for the past 10 years, he was a scene builder for adventurous music and arts.

In his DJ sets Sergei will take you on journey through geography and time, evoking the spirits of long-gone high priests of Delta blues, LA cool, NY be bop, Trinidad calypso, Americana, Paris chanson and Odessa proletarian jazz, conjuring up sounds from Siberian shamans to the funketeers to Afrobeat stompers, all the way down to burning Balkan brass orchestras, and then some.

LISTEN TO SERGEI‘S MIX for Dreamers United, St. Petersburg: http://www.mixcloud.com/theDreamersUnited/sergei-kleyn-dreamtrip/


TIME: 17:00-open end
WHERE: SIOUXIE | Hermannstr.  70, 12049

Die Teilnahmerei

“Noch einen Wunsch?” wants to be an exibition, during which you can discover the reality that is behind appearances or veils. It is the tediousness of life, if you are inquisitive and active you can see the real life. If you are passive, you will take life superficially. You still have a wish in your life? We think we can imagine another life, outside of what society tells us it should be. Life isn’t your job, your car, your status symbol, life is what you do now and how you do it.  Die Teilnahmerei welcome you all to the “Noch einen Wunsch?” : an evening of performances, music, and who knows what else we can do! Always together.

Und der Priester sagte: “Nein, die Regenschirm ist aber meine!”

Die Teilnahmerei are a collective of Italian intellectual, anarchist-to-leftwing daydreamers, artivists and society dropouts. They re-planted their rhizomes to Berlin some time last year and started an eponymous free space in Wrangelstrasse where people could meet, discuss ideas,

projects, share them and create together. It was a special
place, resembling a bar-meets-installation-in- progress/ think-tank, which existed for several months before the
group was forced to move out. While there, Die Teilnahmerei managed to conduct a multitude of free skill workshops, involving and motivating professionals to “take part” and
share knowledge, while also engaging with their local community, neighbours and working with children.



TIME: May 12th 20:00-21:00 & May 26th 22:00-23:00
FREQUENCIES: 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam
ONLINE: reboot.fm


For several years now, and exclusively for REBOOT.FM – Berlin independent art radio, Mike Hentz has been creating and hosting radio broadcasts dedicated to art, discourse and music, broadcast live from the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Now for the Month of Performance Art–Berlin, Mike will host 2 radio broadcasts dedicated to performance art. In the past Hentz, has done performances in natural environments, where soundtracks and instructions came through the radio, as well as interactive performances integrating the medium of radio (such as at Documenta, where TV sounds were turned off, and live sounds created in their place).

These two REBOOT.FM shows, however, are not radio performances per se, but rather a platform for theoretical

discourses, outlines of what performance art could be, as well as statements on the subject, set to sound samples of musical pieces and debates.

Those interested in contributing to Mike’s radio broadcasts or in providing interesting statements may want to meet the artist to record them (without guarantee of being broadcast). Contact Mike Hentz at: metronam@gmx.net



TIME: from 18:00
ENTRANCE: 35€ including all cheeses, side dishes (fruits, vegetables, bread), coffee, specialty spirits and juices. Wines not included.
REGISTRATION: Georg Weishäupl at geeorg@peppi-guggenheim.de
WHERE: Zagreus Projekt | Brunnenstraße 9a, 10119 |

Georg Weishäupl and Mike Hentz

A 4hr-long tasting and hearing of up to 20 different types of cheeses: for each cheese a special sound is offered. Georg Weishäupl will explain the origin, age and type of cheese, while Mike Hentz will sonically and musically compliments its taste.


 TIME: From midnight on May 20th to midnight on May 22nd  / 48hr continuous and mobile performance
COST: 35€ (including transport and food)
WHERE: various locations around Berlin. Preparative meetings will be held with Mike Hentz at Luebbenstrasse 14, 10997 on May 6th and May 13th from 19:00 to discuss logistics.
REGISTRATION: Limited number of participants. Registration required 2 weeks prior to the action. For info and to register email Mike Hentz at: metronam@gmx.net

Mike Hentz & guests

For over 30 years Mike Hentz has been organising and directing lock-ups characterized by a collective poetic experience, simultaneously staging a kind of symposium and workshop. Each lock –up has different subject areas during which one exchanges and communicates. The overarching theme this year is: “The Important Questions”. 
The group of participants will travel for 48 hours to private and public places in Berlin and experience and create a poetic journey and thematic blocks. The journey is about dealing with various issues and trying things out, alternating dynamics with quiescent reflection. It is not about an exercise in peer pressure. The exercises are voluntary, and the only obligation is to merely attend the event from start to finish, and to stick to it. Who leaves the group is eliminated. The whole event will be held privately and without an audience. There will be only one or two places where the group might also visit a public bar. A sleeping place will be organized for the participants. An artistic documentary (video / audio / photo / text) will also be created for the group. Those involved in the process will decide, at the end of the event, what from the documentation will be made. Throughout the event there will be no internet access and the use of cell phones will not be allowed. 
A framework of performance (city / topics / activities) will be completed in April by Mike Hentz and posted on internet. Interested parties can suggest posts, places and actions to realize and get involved in. Later, the future participants will develop the concept of an internal blog together.
 Access to the blog will be allowed for a deposit fee of 10€. Those who withdraw from the lock-up will lose their accounts and access to the blog.