Curated by Ilya Noe

n. The act of giving out or bestowing. (From erogare; e out + rogare to ask, to propose, to stretch out)
erogate performer
n. One who asks for, gives, proposes a performance.
n. The act of putting into the place of another (From subrogare; sub in place of + rogare)
surrogate performer
n. A person who carries and delivers a performance piece for another.

Three performance artists living and working in North America have been invited to present their solo work in Berlin under one condition: that they trust other artists they’ve never met to perform it on their behalf.

During the two months leading up to MPA-B 2013, erogates and their appointed Berlin-based surrogates will work together while keeping detailed records of their transatlantic conversational exchanges and instruction/learning processes. E-mails, chats, audio recordings, videos, photos, notes, sketches, doodles, clippings and any other resulting documents will all be exhibited with the intention of attending to if, how, when and where the ‘erogation and surrogation flows’ change direction; tracking moments of crisis, negotiation, resolution, elucidation and/or elaboration; and building points of reference to think about and around notions of (multiple) authorship and ownership, authenticity, translation, mediation, collaboration, openness, trust, reciprocity, generosity and the general ramifications of such an experiment.

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from 16 THU to 26 SUN

TIME: Vernissage on May 16, 7:30 | Finissage: May 23, 7:30. General opening times: 14:00-18:00 and by appointment info@ilyanoe.com
WHERE: II II // I Project Space| Hochstr. 45, 13357 | www.hochstr45.com


Joanne Bristol, Moritz Geiser, Andy Houston, Sarah Lüdemann, Kevin O’Connor and Shannon Rose Riley



TIME: 20:00
WHERE: II II // I Project Space| Hochstr. 45, 13357 | www.hochstr45.com

Kevin O’Connor (Erogate Performer) + Moritz
Geiser (Surrogate/Erogate Performer)*

Becoming with is the name of this game.
Becoming with is how partners are rendered capable.

Informed by Donna Haraway’s multi-species storytelling and practices of being in companionship, this piece turns towards pigeons. Pigeons, co-domesticated with people, have a very old history of becoming with human beings. They are creatures of the empire. They are working food animals traveling with European colonists and conquerors all over the world. Everywhere they have gone, these cosmopolitical pigeons occupy cities with gusto, where they incite human love and hatred in equal measure. Called “rats with wings,” feral pigeons are subjects of extermination, but they also become cherished opportunistic companions who are fed and watched avidly all over the world. What would a modest game in which people and pigeons tangled together look like? What will a multispecies worlding story (re)-enact? (O’Connor)Performance artist, choreographer and scholar Kevin O’Connor grew up in a Canadian neighborhood where every Italian immigrant had a pigeon coop. Moritz Geiser, artist and psychologist, grew up in Munich, a very pigeon-unfriendly city. When Kevin heard about the massive amount of pigeon droppings that were shovelled out of the attic at Hochstr. 45 during renovation works, he proposed to devise a site-and-situation-responsive piece that would “bring these equally treasured kin and despised pests ‘back’ into the space”. Engaging with the particularities of a place Kevin has never set foot into, as well as with the differences and similarities between himself and Moritz, BECOMING WITH attends not only to a connection between North America and Europe via human and non-human mediation, but to the space where genuine collaboration and shared authorship between strangers can emerge.

(*Kevin’s other ‘surrogate’ Edouard Steinhauer had to fly away after being offered an wonderful opportunity away from Berlin that he couldn’t refuse.)



TIME: 12:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00
WHERE: Simultaneously at Brandenburger Tor (Pariser Platz) and Rathaus Schöneberg (John F. Kennedy Platz)

Shannon Rose Riley (Erogate/Surrogate Performer), + Andy Houston (Surrogate/
Errogate/Surrogate Performer)

Fifty years ago this summer, US President John F. Kennedy gave a speech in Berlin that concluded with the line, “All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’” In the context of this golden anniversary, Mis(s) Translation USA [mistranslation]— an aging beauty queen and critical-cultural emissary whose purpose is to activate or embody the political tensions between the US and the country in which she performs—will stage commemorative interventions at Rathaus Schöneberg and Brandenburger Tor.

Working within an improvisational approach, Mis(s) Translation USA’s possible activities include offering Berliners to passersby, eating Berliners, posing for photographs, using a GTMO hood or rope, reciting a list of US military bases in Germany, and reciting or singing the last statement from JFK’s speech. (Riley)
Shannon Rose Riley is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar. For MPA-B 2013, she will present ‘Mis(s) Translation USA’, a performance persona from her ample repertoire. Unlike the two other ‘erogates’ in the series, Shannon will travel to Berlin to perform simultaneously with her surrogate Andy Houston at two different sites (Brandenburger Gate and Schöneberg City Hall), meet along the way to exchange information, and then switch locations. This pairing will not only amplify questions of performed research, but is also intended to make the feedback loop and oscillation between ‘asking and giving’ more immediate and evident.

www.andyhouston.net Picture


TIME: 17:00-19:00
LOCATION: Grimmuseum | Fichtestraße 2, 10967 |

Joanne Bristol (Erogate Performer) + Sarah Lüdemann (Surrogate Performer) + Shannon Rose Riley (surrogate of the surrogate performer)

A woman closely observes the movements and gestures of a lion at the Berlin Zoo. She relies on processes of attention and memory, does not use a camera or writing materials. Later, she enters a gallery and tries to mimetically reenact the gestures andspatial usage of the lion.

This work explores the ways in which humans are informed by and might internalize the lives of nonhuman animal others. It is an exercise in interspecies epistemology, focusing on the role of empathic observation and attentiveness in the construction of knowledge. It addresses interspecies ethics by attempting to, as Donna Haraway says, “…strike up a coherent conversation where humans are not the measure of all things and where no one claims unmediated access to anyone else.” (Bristol)
Joanne Bristol, erogate performer #3, is a multidisciplinary artist currently working on a PhD dissertation titled ‘Towards a Feline Architecture’. Interested in troubling the traditional opposition between nature and culture as she investigates building and
dwelling practices across human and non-human populations, Joanne’s main artistic collaborator for more than a decade has been her housecat, Sabre. It seems only fitting that Sarah, her surrogate, who is now helping her relocate/translate her (inter)spatial research on inter-species relationships from Winnipeg to Berlin, was originally going to be named ‘Feline’ by her mother.