Lan Hungh

LAN Hungh

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Critical about the art system and its conventions Lan Hungh has chosen a very open discipline: performance art. No role-playing here. His physical presence and his perception of actuality and the local and global contexts where he lives are the subject itself. His actions – a mix of nonsense and intelligibility based on a universal and natural grammar and inspired by daily life – engage an exchange at eye level with the public. Like a contemporary Diogenes looking for the honest man Lan Hungh praises nature, purity and freedom. Can art change the world? Regardless of the response: it is important to formulate thought-provoking questions. (by Tiny Domingos)
I am a mix-media artist who works with performance, video, music and installation, through which I demonstrates a passion for psychology and body works, often subjected to definition changes by language and structures based actions. In the process of research and development, I often involve myself in architecture and environmental context, and my works show a commitment to an erotism and body-politic in conceptualizing of art.
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, I studied at the University of Art in Taiwan and the National Conservatory in France, and I am working as curator in MPA-B (Month of performance Art Berlin), founding member and president of APA-B (association for performance art in Berlin), art director of stattberlin gallery and Gallery-33 in Berlin. My publications include music composing in Chinese contemporary poetry audio book ““Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe” (2009), RPLCMNT by Savvy Contemporary (2010), catalogue “Parenthesisspaceparenthesis” edition 0 and 1(2012 and 2013), (con)temporary Space-Time (2015) etc.