Jörn J. Burmester

Born 1962. Performance artist and curator. Lives in Berlin and Copenhagen. Jörn came to performance art through independent theatre and pursuing a university degree in Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and New York City. Still mobile between genres, today his passion is performance art in all it’s manifestations. He devises and shows solo works and collaborates with a variety of partners and groups worldwide. The use of text as a material in performance art has been central to many of his pieces, including Performance art ist live. Theatre is death, Random Rants, Kritik der Weltmaschine and Sorry. His latest performances, 4 Übungen and 4 Alchemisten, are taking a pronounced turn towards the visual. Organising and curating performance art is an integral part of his artistic practice. Burmester was the founder and host of Performer Stammtisch, a Berlin network of performance artists, a member of the organising team of the Month of Performance Art – Berlin, a showcase of performance and life art, and is a founding member of APAB e.V., the Association for Performance Art in Berlin. He has received several stipends and grants and was invited to residencies in Denmark and Finland.