Johanna Gilje


‘Body’ and ‘Context’, two words which encompass vast swaths of potential realities, physicalities, ideologies, materialities… The ‘Body’ is both a tangle of nerves feeding back into its current situation, and a simple point on a map which we make for ourselves in an attempt to understand who we are and what is going on.  So if the body is the thing, what is everything around the thing?  What are the conditions within which this thing is born, developed, educated and evolved?  In order to get to the heart of any of these questions the objects of inquiry must become more specific, more precise.  This process of specification occurs in direct encounters with people and place and recently for me, through mapping conversation.  The conversational forms that I have been developing take big ideas and turn them into objects, fragments of experience which can be turned over and reevaluated, considered within a constellation of other thoughts.  The book projects and conversation series that I have been developing in the last two years, most recently the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture (2016), have been themselves like bodies, with equally soft edges and an equally flailing attempt to try to understand themselves within the process of their own formation.

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*All images by Uri Levinson, taken on August 19th, 2016 at book launch for the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture published by The Evergreen State College Press, performed at grüntaler9 with invited participants as part of the Project Space Festival 2016