Eva Giannakopoulou


Using the camera as a bodily extended observational tool, I have experimented with different artistic practices as performances, installations, films and participatory acts. With my work, I seek to explore and capture the complexities and subtleties of the “visual ethics”, whilst reflecting upon notions of gazing, observation, participation and instincts.
Being driven by my interest in social anthropology and politics, I have carried out fieldworks focusing on radical ideologies, observational methods and tactics. This dimension many times led me to a symmetrical reversal of questions aimed at my position on this, but also to tangible and experiential participatory forms during the fieldwork.
I am interested in paradox phenomena, in societies in condition of emergency and I place myself in a metaphoric and not defined space in-between west and east, post-modernity and tradition.


e-mail: eyangianScreen Shot 2017-01-25 at 16.36.26gmail.com