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Camilla Graff Junior

I am currently working on a performance series and research project entitled The mirror and its reflections. The exchange of narratives and use of situated knowledge. The project is built on the hypothesis that the process of telling and sharing not an “ideal” but a “real” narrative has a transformative power on both a societal and personal level.

I take the terms “situated knowledge” from Donna Haraway and “real” and “ideal” from psychoanalysis. I see “real” narratives as embodied narratives and the “ideal” as a narrative shaped by the norm in place. Leaning towards Judith Butler’s idea of those performing the norm in place being rewarded and those not performing it being punished, my hypothesis is that where “real” narratives has a liberating potential the “ideal” generates social control and taboos.

Inspired by Michel Foucault’s “Technologies of the Self” my research is focused on developing tools to ‘make visible the ideal’ and to ‘reveal the real’? I aim to do this through a series of autobiographical pieces: “Ex(s)” which takes it starting point in my past love relations, “Middle life?” that looks at scenes that repeat in my life and finally “Motherhood” which evolves around the three positions of my mother and I and me being a mother. The works depend on establishing a “space of trust” which makes it possible to gradually involve the audience and their experience in the work. Each piece have a clear structure and evolve according to it’s own rules and to what happens in the room. Through my narratives I hold up a mirror for the audience in which they can reflect their narratives. I furthermore ask the audience to be my mirror, and thereby put in perspective what I cannot see myself. An important aspect of the investigation is to “repeat” the works within different communities and cultural settings in order to record how the different established norms influence the performance. “How does the context reflect in the work and visa-versa?” “What is revealed and what remains unrevealed?”


Camilla is a performance artist and curator. She holds a double Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Performance Studies from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and the University of Copenhagen. She studied acting and contemporary dance at schools in Bergen and Paris, and directing at Queens College and at Robert Wilson Watermill Center in New York.

She has as a curator been associated with Month of Performance Art – Berlin, where she has been running the “Crossing Contexts” program. She also from 2012 – 2015 has been coordinating the Interventions through Artistic Research study group at the Nordic Summer University and has organized symposia in Reykjavik, Ulsteinvik (NO), Vilnius, Saudarkrokur (IS), Tallinn and Berlin. Her current curatorial project brings together artists who use autobiographical materials in their performance-work. The platform has already been presented in Berlin and will be in Reykjavik in 2018 and in Vienna in 2019.

Camilla a performer, she participates in theatre, performance, contemporary dance, film, and video projects. She works with the film and stage directors: Richard Foreman (US), Sophie Haviland (US), Patricia Allio (FR), Léa Dant (FR), Volker Schmidt (AT), the performance groups Lis (IT), The Maiden Monsters (DE), TeaterKUNST (DK) and the collectives ici-même (Grenoble, FR), Tomrummet (FR) and Genre et Ville (FR).

Camilla has over the past twenty years conceived a number of solo and collaborative performance, dance and theater pieces. Her projects are produced by Giraff Graff and have been presented in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Tunisia, the United States and Columbia.

Authored works include: Ex(s), Theaterdiscounter, Berlin (2016), Courage, Grüntaler 9, Berlin (2015), Is love a concept (by which we measure our pain)?, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn (2014), L’animal autobiographique, Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin (2014), My Mom is a Wolf, my dad… Warehouse 9 (2013), Inner and outer animals, la Maison du Danemark Paris (2012), Sam, Brecht-Tage Berlin (2012), Intervals, Metropolis Biennale, Copenhagen (2011), The in and with (me) collection, Play Leipzig Festival, La settimana del la comunicazione, Milano (2010), …and half of the Kingdom, Kunst- und Aktionsraum Schillerpalais, Berlin (2009), Femme phoque, Grenier à Sel, Festival d’Avignon (2008), Les sons de l’art, L’avant Rue, Paris (2007) Reciclage(s), Valenzuela y Klenner, Bogota (2006).

Camilla is for the year of 2017 artist – in – residence at Genre et Ville in Paris. Previous work residencies include: Grüntaler9 – a space towards the performative, Berlin, (2016), Studenterhytta in Nordmarka, Oslo (2013 and 2016), MoKS, Mooste, EE (2013 and 15), Kantu Gildi SAAL, Tallinn (2014), Le Train Fantôme, Genoble, FR (2014), Totaldobže Art Center, Riga (2014), Ptarmigan, Tallinn (2013), Ponderosa Dance, Stolzenhagen, DE (2013), Rollbergatelier, Berlin (2010 and 12), Au Bout du Plongeoir, Brittany, FR (2010), Le Moulin Fondu, Noisy-le-sec, FR (2003, 05 and 07), Fundation Valenzuela Y Klenner, Bogotá (2006), Danza Comun, Bogotá (2006), L’Avant rue, Paris (2006), Maind’æuvres, Paris (2003).

Camilla Graff Junior

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