The Association for Performance Art in Berlin e.V. (APAB e.V.) was founded in August 2013 with the following objectives:

  • Representation and support of performance artists based in Berlin, towards the public, politics, administration and media, with the goal to sustainably improve their working conditions;
  • Conception, organisation and presentation of returning and individual events at which performance art is presented, watched and discussed, and the support of individuals, groups or institutions who organise such events;
  • Conception, organisation and presentation of conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions and seminars that serve the purpose of investigating and discussing performance art;
  • Support of artists, curators, producers, organisers and scholars who occupy themselves with performance art, via information sharing, networking, consulting, mentoring, loan of equipment etc.;
  • Promotion of international exchange between Berlin-based performance artists and their colleagues around the world, through the organisation of platforms and festivals; communication with organisations and organisers of performance art around the world; invitation of artists from Germany and/or abroad to Berlin (residency programme) and the placement of Berlin-based performance artists in performance art and scholarly events that investigate performance art, in Germany and/or abroad;
  • Edition, publication and distribution of publications that deal with performance art (both printed and online);
  • Archiving and documentation of performances, their criticism, discussion and scholarly investigations;
  • Establishment and running of spaces that serve the development, presentation and discussion of performance art;
  • Organisation and running of cooperations with persons or institutions that deal with performance art in theory and practice;
  • Information to the public, the media and political office holders about forms, strategies and needs of performance art;
  • Any other measure that serve the purpose of the association and especially the promotion of performance art in Berlin;
  • Raising of funds for the achievement of these tasks.

The Association for Performance Art in Berlin e.V. understands performance art to be the sum of known and newly emerging practices of process based, transformative, integrative and intermedia art that can be presented live. The association places special importance on the development of new and experimental forms of performance art.

The Association for Performance Art in Berlin e.V. resolutely opposes all forms of discrimination and supports artists who are subject to prosecution or oppression because of their artistic practice, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and nationality.

The Association for Performance Art in Berlin e.V. shall pursue exclusively and directly non-profit purposes related to the promotion, divulgation, presentation, research, discussion, teaching and archiving of all forms of performance art.