Anna Berndtson: A Moment in Time – Live Performance

Anna Berndtson 

SOMA Art Space Berlin

A Moment in Time – Live Performance 11.05.2019 16:00 – 22:00

Performance UNlimited | Anna Berndtson – Solo Exhibition 12 – 23.05.2019


SOMA Art Space, Liegnitzer Str 35, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Live Performance – A Moment in Time

Time is a construct of man. We are the only animal on the planet that has left our subjective sensation of time and put this temporal measurement into mechanic or electronic units. We are aware of the limited time we have at our disposal and our own mortality. Expressions like “wasting time” and “time is money” show how important time can be in our society. Dealing with time in this way looks at not just the passing of time but also the meaning of time and questions about, if we use our time in a meaningful way.

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