APAB Sharing # Acoustic Body and Bare Sound

APAB # Sharing Practices Committee # Announcement

This workshop is a 24 hour experience of long durational progressing body and sound, switching between conceptual and sensory practices in a performance art context. The bodies will be exposed through time and frequencies as a sensual and spiritual experience. No special skill is required. Drumming, percussive skill, music theory can be included by request.

*FREE to APAB members

*50 € for 24 hours participation for non-APAB members (3 meals included)

*10-20 € suggested donation for participation in 4 hour session.

*Meals will be prepared

*Minimum participants: 8

*The workshop will be English

*REGISTRATION required. To register please fill the form here before 25th August: https://goo.gl/forms/7xgMhUtE0Slc2liy2

Location: TBA

Workshop time: 29 August 5PM- 30 August 5PM,

Presentation: August 30th, 7PM

More details:

*Participants need to be at least 18 years old, and need to feel comfortable with body contact, nudity and sexual themes.

*Participants can bring instruments, sleeping bags and yoga mats but some will also be provided.

*It is strongly recommended that participants stay for 24 hours, in case you can’t it is also possible to partake in a 4 hour session

*There will be a presentation of the workshop at the end.

About LAN Hungh:

LAN Hungh is a mixed-media artist who works with performance, video, music and installation, through which he demonstrates a passion for psychology and body works, often subjected to definition changes by language and structure based actions. In the process of research and development, Hungh often involves himself in architecture and environmental contexts, and his works show a commitment to an erotism and body-politic in conceptualizing of art.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, LAN Hungh studied at the University of Art in Taiwan and the National Conservatory in France. He specialized in Chinese traditional percussion, hand drum percussion, as well classical and contemporary music. He has been working as a curator for MPA-B (Month of performance Art Berlin), is a founding member and president of APA-B (Association for Performance Art in Berlin), art director of Stattberlin Gallery, Gallery-33 and gr_und Artist Run Space in Berlin. His has a music publication in Chinese contemporary poetry audio book “Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe” (2009)


Learn more about the Association for Performance Art:



Learn more about the Association for Performance Art:



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