Presence Precarity — APA-B Performance Workshop and Presentation


26910911_1663273610398212_716161346488337253_o“Suspend the techno-burgess conventions of the table, the sofa, the bed, the computer, the chair. The body and the space confront each other without mediation. So, face to face, they are no longer objects, but social relations (…) Habitless extends to other bodies that enter this space ”
My trans body is an empty house. Paul B. Preciado

How to occupy a space as empty as our nudity, without furniture nor objects, without tool other than our body?

Inhabitant – inhabited, place of our existence, our body is sacred. Today we consume this wealth, we deploy it in its physical and intellectual performances, we exploit it to its limits of production and life. What about our sensorial approach in resistance to a society where the body is serving a capitalistic economy? In the practice of a constant detachment, fall skins, layers and masks serving a social representation and a performed presence. Emptied by this nomadic movement, to stop is almost an accidentally imperative to ink the body, without freezing it, in a vertical trajectory. Three conditions: listening to what can be felt, acceptance of fragility and contact with the other one.

This two days workshop propose us to work on the basis of our presence: a learning process through our senses, while listening to our physical history. Our focus will be to connect our individual experience with the collective body, releasing an empathic communication. My intention is to provide you “tools” that feed your artistic and daily initiative, to question your body dimension in your activity and to suggest possible dialogues between the experience of a practice and performance.


In an experience at the crossroads between dance and Performance Art, Eve Bonneau proposes to work on the basis of our presence: a learning process through our senses, listening to our physical histories. Creating her pedagogical language through her background in body awareness and dance, she invites you to pass from the individual sphere to the public one asserting a common body.

___Eve Bonneau is a performance artist, based in Brussels. She received a training in ballet and contemporary dance at the École National de Danse, La Rochelle (France) and in P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. She followed in tandem the body work of the psychomotor therapist Jacques Garros. It was after her encounter with London-based performance artist Robert Pacitti that Eve engages with Performance Art, namely since “ Body is the first word which I say ”.

Her research project on “being there” named “ÇA” is developed in Brussels through “body art and performance” educational program at the Visual Arts School La Cambre, but also through public laboratories at La Bellone. This public configuration determined her approach and artistic politics.

Over the last seven years, Eve made interventions in France, Belgium, Mexico by making site specific performances. Her last performances have taken her to Poland, Germany, Austria, Brazil. She is also curator in Performance:

5th February: 11:00-18:00
6th February: 11:00-18:00

Workshop presentation + Talk with Eve, open to public:
6th February: 18:00-22:00

Workshop fee: 25€ for 1 days, one meal included
(free for APA-B members)

Please register here until Februrary 1st:

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