The calculating mind can not be trusted

Barbara Kowa online access

The calculating mind can not be trusted

– 42-day performance by Barbara Kowa
– last part of the 12-year cycle “until death do us part”

“It does not matter how many people see it, but that it happens.” Barbara Kowa

A woman lives in a gallery in Berlin-Neukölln for 42 days and consumes a total of 1,764 walnut halves in a daily repeating and clearly structured procedure. She hangs her deep red braids on a net under the ceiling, looking like blood vessels, like a tree, or like a mushroom mycelium, a network of fine root-like threads. With “The calculating mind can not be trusted” – the cycles last chapter dealing with the subject brain, the performance-cycle “unill death do us part” will close. Therein, the artist Barbara Kowa has spent twelve years, dealing with our existential dependencies in 7 diffrent jet connected chapters.

The brain and its system of association often do not work as the conscious process, as which we like to regard it. While some people have the quirk to hang up their socks sorted by color, the artist Barbara Kowa must eat any “broken” crisps in a package first. To clean up. Even if one know it’s irrational, one still has to do it anyway. Some strage drive passes by the brain and manipulates it. And like anything that is strange or traumatic, we can only get rid of theses things by looking at it closely.

Barbara Kowa lives for 42 days in the middle of an installation that shows the connections between the past performances of the cycle. At noon, she first spins the red ribbons with a spinning wheal that create the network of relationships stretched through the exhibition. She places three bowls, each with seven walnuts, and two empty plates, each for the nutshells and for the walnuts-halves, next to them. She immediately eats any parts of the nuts that were damaged during the process of cracking the nuts.She loudly counts the undamadged halves of the nuts which look like miniature brains: these rows of numbers will remain her only spoken words for 42 days. Recorded on tape, a loop machine now plays the numbers. In an expansive action, Kowa knits just as many red ribbons woven into her hair into the net stretched under ceiling.

The “miniature brains” are consumed bowl by bowl, adding the next row of numbers to the previous one. At the end of the performance, this creates an acoustic palimpsest of three rows of numbers and a large-scale installation in the middle of which the artist is stretched out by her hair. For Kowa, this is a picture of how we humans are “hung up” between heaven and earth.

Every night at 7pm., she begins spinning around, and the net of strapped bands collapses. An external equivalent of the fact that all so carefully counted and assorted nut halves are still metabolized as a single mass.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
l not leave the gallery during the performance and will sleep in a coffin on site, which is an important part of the installation. Of course, she is not dead in it, but as a sleeping Person, her consciously calculating brain function is switched off.

The performance will be live-streamed, and people around the world will be able to follow it online via a personal account and connect with the artist, optionally as a kind of art Big Brother or as a virtual analog video game.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
lity, which is processes all data as an algorithm of 0 or 1 and thus embodies the calculating consciousness par excellence, becomes part of the performance as well.

Also the gallery visitors with their internal and external movements become part of the performance. The public is invited to spend time in the rooms of the gallery.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s set up to sit and read, to listen to the artist's experiences during the previous performances of the cycle via mp3-player or to study the texts of the whole cycle.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
le are shown in the basement.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
g installation is meant to be a place of contemplation that leads visitors to their inner

space of silence. Conversations are therefore not desired – 42 days the Luisa-Catucci Gallery is a meditative art space.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
tress Barbara Kowa was born into the world of fine art as the daughter of the curator andart historian Wieland Schmied. Seeking distance and identity, she initially focused primarily on acting and found the freedom of fine art in a performance that is surely influenced by the fine arts and the theater as well.
Further information about her work can be found at Venue: Galerie Luisa Catucci<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
49 Berlin-Neukolln<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Opening hours: 15.01. – 25.02.2018, daily 13:00 – 20:00h, admission free Opening: 12.01.2018 from 19:00,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ry speech and reading of Burkhard Driest.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
the project and performance.
Short opening performance by Barbara Kowa
live-stream on the Internet via<<<<<<<<<<<<<&lt;
ne-time € 7.00 – The performance can be tracked for 42 days, 24 hours a day.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
nd the daily living Installation-piece put up during gallery- opening hours.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
st on her exercises and meditations that enable her to sustain the 6 weeks non-stop performance.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s – a kind of virtual-analog oracle: one-time € 21.00 – In addition to observing the performance, questions can be asked, that the artist answeres with 0 or 1 only.An online-oracle. Since the quality of the question determines the result and content of each oracle, the questions can optionally be submitted in a personal online-chat, or in a multilingual group chat of members. -Total access: once € 42.00 – This access also gives access to the dream diary, written in the universal languge of Art. You also receive Photos of the artist's death mask exhibited in the basement. The mask made of beeswax is illuminated by a candle and thus is in constant metamorphosis during the 42 days.



Soldinerstr 39

13359 Berlin

Collin Edina Leache

cycle “until death do us part”embody Giovanni Segantini’s painting “The Evil Mothers” and to experience inwardly a perceived external image with iconic quality, was the starting point for this cycle. It was not just about bringing this Image to life, but also about communicating intimately with the trees.ere was no invited audience for these performances. The nature and our physical dependency on it, is what Kowa sees as the real “until death do us part” – so she wears wedding dresses in all the performances of the cycle. For the first three years she repeated the performance “tree talks” in different places and in different trees with which she connected,and wrote her experiences on the wedding and more, her thoughts started to cycle around “until death do us part” started to circle and other chapters of our conditionality were added. Kowa discovers the essentials through the process of performance with is embodiment in space and time, and likes to work in cycles that offer her a

continuity of inner debate with the necessary artistic freedom. So, for example, It only became gradually clear why “blood and breath” 2014 it was only gradually clear to her, on an instictive level why “blood and breath” belong together as one chapter of the cycle.Repeating to work with this chapter in 2017 she understood that beyond the intimate physical connection of lungs and heart, breath and blood can be seen as representatives of space and time. Because we all share the same air through our breath that connects us in space and we are connected through the blood with our ancestors in the linearity of time.e cycle, like the circulatory system, is a self-contained cycle, concerned with what our incorporation in this world allows us to do and what we are inevitably linked three-minute video describes the cycle which concludes with this link
NATURE06 – 2009 treetalks – public spaces – Austria, West Africa, GermanyART10 come to my heart ventricle – Royal Academie Copenhagen14 heart of unity – public space – Israel (during the “operation protective edge”) WATER11 mao + tao – public space – China. The film Mao + Tao was completed in 2014. SEEDS AND EGG13 everybody carries it’s own seed- E.V.E. female performers New York & Berlin 2015 fruitful graves – Cell63 performance weekend – Berlin16 watering heart-seeds, open air art – museum pédvále – Latvia<br<br<br<br<br<br<br
kend – Berlin<br<br<br<br<br<br<br
kend – Berlin<br
ot you under my skin – layer for layer – Cell63 performance weekend Berlin BRAIN<br<br<br<br<br<br<br
Luisa Catucci Gallery Berlin

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