Open Call Performance at Circle 1 gallery

Open Call for performance artists/dancers/spoken word/sound artists 

for performance evenings taking place at Circle 1 gallery (

We are looking for performances of 30 minutes (no durational
works). Your work will be pared with another performance based on a mutual or similar concept.
The next evening is planned for November 23ed, and afterwords every 6 weeks.

We would need at least one image, a title and a performance description, a short bio and a list of technical equipment.

We would also need a performance description for us, so that we could connect your work with a second one, write a short introduction text and decide about a title of the event.

Because the gallery is none profit, we can´t ask for money at the entrance but we are asking for donations which will be fully shared between the artists.
The (digital) flyer, event´s text (with your work´s description and bio), Facebook event, website announcement and mailing list will be done by us and the gallery.

Documentation of the event (photographs) will also be done by us.

The gallery is equipped so if you need technical equipment we will be able to supply you with (almost) everything.

For more details please contact us:,

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