summer performance_art

Enjoy the summer, enjoy performance art.

Aug 19 at 4 PM to open end

Performance Art + swimming pool + BBQ + cocktail + beer.


Poncili Creacion

“Poncili Creacion” is a group that generates performatic and audiovisual experiences that sprout from their interactive sculptures. Their sculptures and installations are always accompanied by a performatic act that incorporates experimental dance, manipulation of objects and interaction with the public.

APA-B aka Association for Performance Art Berlin

Very active performance art people in Berlin: APA-B, members and +guests!

M4P aka Manual for Performer

By following and giving Instructions to make a Performance:

Everybody is welcome to bring any performance instructions and anyone can pick up to perform! This time, swimming pool edition!

Lisa Stertz

Ruth Pulgram

Lady Gaby

Lars Crosby

Jörn J. Burmester

Anja Ibsch


T . I . T . S

Stephanie Hanna

LAN Hungh


Seestrasse 49, 13347 Berlin, Germany

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