Fear – Less in Berlin

Friday 19. bis Sunday 21. Mai 2017
13 bis 22 H
WBB Willner Brauerei
Berliner Str. 80-82
U/S-Bahn: Schönhauer Allee or Vinetastr. 5 Min. walk in the direction of the tracks where the train goes underground..
Tram M1 – Bornholmerstr.


The 18th and final SoToDo congress is taking place from May 19 to 21, 2017, at the former WBB Willner Brauerei (Berliner Str. 80–82, Berlin-Pankow) … and you are cordially invited.

Fear – Less in Berlin

is the theme of the
18. SoToDo Kongress for Performance Art.

Congress time plan during the three days:
13:00 bis 16:00 H – Performance-artists exhibit their work in the courtyard of the WWB Willner Brauerei
16:00 bis 18:00 – Podium Diskussion
18:00h bis 22:00h (Eintritt 5 Euro ab 17H) – Performance Artists exhibit their work in the rooms of the WWB Willner Brauerei.

40 international artists, half of them reside in Berlin will exhibit their work from the 19. bis zum 21. Mai 2017 in the WWB Willner Brauerei in Berlin-Pankow

We know that Berlin is a special place, where civil law is firmly anchored in civil society. Our artistic work is a component and expression of these hard-earned values.
In no other city in the world is the striving for knowledge and education, reason and – above all – acceptance as pronounced as it is in Berlin.

We have chosen this topic because we value our freedom of expression. The 18th SoToDo Congress – “Fear – Less in Berlin” – is proof of the conviction that these freedoms should be preserved.

We want to show why we live here, what we enjoy here, what needs to be preserved, and what cannot be tolerated so that we can continue to live fear – less‚ in Berlin.

image performance by Frédéric Krauke – Gallery SoToDo
17. Congreso D’arte Performance – de nada – 2014, Ibiza –
foto by T. Di Ricco

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