It Happened Here- solo show by Aleks Slota

18121040_2070813139812403_6143732364597171612_oIt Happened Here
solo show by Aleks Slota
Opening reception: 12.05.2017 19.00 – 23.00
12.05.2017 – 02.06.2017
Gallery Hours: Mon & Thurs 12-3 and by appointment
Exgirlfriend Gallery

holsteinische str 18, 12161 Berlin, Germany

It Happened Here takes the fears and anxieties of a troubled world and localizes them at specific spots in the gallery. Aleks Slota embodies the contemporary existential dread and manifests it through solo performances done only for the space in which they happen.

The specific time of the action is gone, but the place remains. The ghost of the performance is only imagined through the written description. Through the disappearance the act becomes itself. I was here. I did it. It’s over. And yet, the document lives on into the future, and the performance lives through it.

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