APA-B shares: Performance Art Video Documentation Workshop


APAB # Sharing Practices Committee # Announcement

Sunday 5th March at 1 PM – 6 PM


Grüntaler Straße 9, 13357 Berlin, Germany



This will be an introductory workshop offered by APAB member Christopher Hewitt, taking a technical approach on how to achieve the best results when filming performance art for the purpose of documentation.

The aim of the workshop is to share skills and experience filming performance work and to give artists a bit more confidence about filming so that they can produce better quality documentation as well as help one another document work.


*Free for APAB members
*Non-members pay 10-20 euro contribution
*Registration limited to 12 participants
*Workshop will be held in English
*Please bring your own camera
*PLEASE REGISTER by February 26th

To register please send an email to johannaigilje@gmail.com


Equipment – some tips on how to use what you have got and what are the cheapest upgrades that can really make a difference.

Formats and Settings – what do your camera settings actually do – which ones do you need to worry about.

Priorities – how to get an acceptable video in difficult situations – making the best of limited resources.

The prime directive – how to make documentation without disrupting the very thing you are trying to film.

Audio – a brief, technical look at options for audio recording, and often overlooked area of performance documentation.

Troubleshooting – I can respond to specific questions or problems you might have and, as a group, we can useful experiences and our favourite tips and tricks.


The workshop is intended for participants who have some basic experience using video cameras but who want to explore a more advanced approach to filming.

More experienced film-makers who are looking at the challenges of filming live performance, are also welcome but be aware that we will be spending some time on quite basic technical issues.

About Christopher Hewitt:

I have been involved in the Berlin performance art scene for 14 years. Particularly in recent years I have specialised in making video documentation of performance art, theatre and dance. However, I am pretty much self-taught when it comes to filming, but this means that, through trial and error, I have developed a technical knowledge of filming that is related to the specific issues of documenting live performance.

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