APA-B informs: Workshop Call: The Marathon



Deadline: 17th March

Workshop Dates: 29 May – 05 June

Fee: €350

The Marathon – Performance Art Workshop returns to Berlin!

After Athens in 2015, Nicosia in 2016 now for the third time The Marathon will take place in Berlin. Guided by international artists Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Zierle and Carter, PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis, the workshop – lasting from the 29th May until the 5th June 2017 and hosted by CELL63 artplatform in Neukölln – offers participants a unique opportunity to experience a diverse array of methodologies for performance art. Being actively encouraged to delve into their own new and unchartered territory, participants are guided into the preparation of performance artworks to be publicly presented at the end of the workshop on June 4 at Cell63.

Our call for participants is open until the 17th inviting artists and individuals interested in body-based practices to apply via our website.

Visit our new web site The Marathon for further information, and take a moment to look through the application details, the workshop’s methodology and the facilitators’ working practices: www.marathonworkshop.org/workshops/berlin-2017

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