APA-B recommends: SEVEN SEALS VOL13


APAB member Barbara Kowa invites you to SEVEN SEALS VOL13! during the famous carnival of Nazaré in Portugal.

-During the performance SEVEN SEALS we travel through 7 different spaces,
by walking 7 times through a 7 meter long tunnel into a changed space.
-The space appears different each time we are entering, colors and sounds are rising in frequencies. Through sensual experiences and movement-meditations, we also enter different inner spaces and states of sensation, emotion and mentality.
-The Idea to develop our being towards Unity, in 7 basic steps, is common in different cultural backgrounds. So we are also investigating 7 different qualities of relating, connecting and unifying.
– One performance journey is about 5 hours long. The full 7 Seals project is 3×7 journeys.
– The first 7 took place in Berlin in different Galleries and with different artists. Now, at the second stage, I travel around the world, with the tunnel and the input of all the former travelers, to perform SEVEN SEALS after a short introductive performance-workshop.
-Every SEVEN SEALS is different according to the participating guides and guests.
on the road to nowhere

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