APA-B recommends: Confessions of a digital Mind

,***A Performance via Live-Stream, Wednesday, 11.1.17, 19:30 (Berlin time), available here***

Who are we, when we subject ourself to a digital matrix of rules and restrictions?
What remains of us once we are forced to eliminate our deviations, absurdities, and obscenities, to censor all the uneven corners of our being? We reveal, verbalize, and display. Taking a new standardized identity, we confess strictly along the guidelines.

In the last 10 years a new public sphere has emerged, and it’s a privately owned one. Those who wish to participate, must follow and respect its restrictions. Most of us accept this sacrifice so gracefully, so willingly; as if it’s the natural price we must pay for obtaining connectedness in an evermore immaterial reality.
Under the promise “to build a more open and connected world” lies the death of individuality and the creation of a single absolute truth.

We invite you for a shared reflection on the issues of power, identity, confession, and truth in the age of the digital social network.
Our performance will take place inside the environment we wish to examine, and will be subjected to the same restrictions and guidelines we wish to challenge.

A live-stream-performance by Marta Lodola & Gal Meyerson, 11.1.17, 19:30 (Berlin time), available here on the event’s page.

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