APAB (un)sound(ed) series #0 + The Salt Welcome


19:00- Performances by
William Bilwa Costa (in collaboration with Emily Ranford, Sigrid Savi and Amelia Emma Forrest)
Lan Hungh
Ilya Noé & Coco (performing a score by Gretchen Jude)
Kareth Schaffer
Raegan Truax
(curated by Apa-b series team)

21:00- Concert by The Salt Welcome:
Michelangelo Contini, guitar and voice
Gearóid Ua Laoghaire, guitar and effects
Eurico Ferreira Matthias, violoncello
Farrah Junior Hazim, drum

20th August Saturday at 7 PM
II II // I
Hochstrasse 45, 13357 Berlin, Germany

(suggested donation 3-5)

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