APAB performance series #0


APAB is launching a new series of performance events. The first edition, #0, will take place at Grüntaler 9 on Friday, January 22. There will be performance videos starting at 6 p.m., live performances from 7 p.m. and the legendary Grüntaler Super Club will serve great food.

-Anna Berndtson
-Jörn J. Burmester
-Viviana Druga
-Wanda Dubrau
-Eva Giannakopoulou
-Lan Hungh
-Anja Ibsch
-Lala Nomada
-Joël Verwimp

Guest artists: Joy Harder, Joost Elschot

Grüntaler 9, a space towards the performative, is at Grüntaler Straße 9 in 13357 Berlin. U + S Gesundbrunnen.

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