MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART-BERLIN / 4th edition May 1-31, 2014

APAB e.V.i.Gr. is delighted to introduce the fourth edition of the Month of Performance Art–Berlin (MPA–B), which will take place for 31 days starting from May 1st.  The independent platform for independent, contemporary and experimental performance art practices returns with over 80 projects at 18 locations across the city.

Highlight of this year’s edition is the establishment of a House of Performance Art on the site of the DINGDONGDOM – Das Theater der Zukunft, a temporary structure on the Holzmarkt compound along the Spree river, built from shipping containers and old windows by the performance theatre group Showcase Beat le Mot, architect Martin Kaltwasser and countless volunteers, many from the ranks of the MPA–B Co-Labourers. The transitory character of the building is a perfect match for the ephemeral nature of performance art.

Make sure to check it’s programme:

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