Now that we have the Verein, what do we do with it? We’re looking forward to meeting old and new members for our first membership meeting at grüntaler9 (Grüntaler Strasse 9, in 13357 Berlin, U + S Gesundbrunnen) on Thursday, October 17th, 19 h. Members of the Vorstand will give a SHORT report about where we are with the formalities in terms of Vereinsanmeldung etc., but mainly, we’ll workshop about goals for APAB and strategies to reach them. This is the meeting to determine future directions for APAB to move in. So if you are a member already or wish to become one, this is one you really want to attend.

We have defined three fields in which APAB will be active:
• Lobbying political and administrative bodies for a better awareness of the existence and needs of the performance art scene in Berlin;
• Support for performance artists and organisers in Berlin (including MPA-B and other events);
• Representation of the Berlin performance art scene in the international performance art scene.
Additional issues will be added to the list according to members needs and suggestions.
On Thursday, we’ll brainstorm in small working groups about each of these issues (and possibly others that you’ll bring up), present results to each other and discuss furthers activities from there on.
Possible activities for reaching the Verein’s goals are listed on the ABOUT page of this site. But of course we are not limited to these.

Joel has gathered some thoughts on additional issues that could influence this talk and shared it with you on Google drive (link works only for invited members). You can go there and add to the list.

NB. This meeting is for APAB members only. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up in the beginning of the meeting.

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