Dirk Thorwarth

Behind “Attache des Arts” stands Dirk Thorwarth, Berlin-based culture manager and

journalist, originally from Frankfurt am Main.

He worked for performance art, experimental music, poetry and Fine Arts international projects, such as:

– Performance Art Festival Infraction (France),

– as a team member of Schillerpalais for „Nacht und Nebel – Festival“ in Berlin,

– team member of Kulturnetzwerk Neuk lln for „48 Stunden Neuk lln Festival“ in Berlin, – co-curator for M4 – Tachometer in Gallerie Nord in Berlin,

– director and co-curator for „Literaturfestival Fritz-Reuter“ (Poetry, Exhibition, Sound) in Cooperation with Landestheater Schwerin, ILB, Museum Stavenhagen, sponsored by Berliner Senat,

– curator for Performance Event „Falling Star“ Biljana Bosnjakovic in Verona (Italy)

– artdirector and curator for the exchange „Berliner Liste and MAC Paris“ in Berlin and Paris, sponsored by Berliner Major,

– co-curator for Performance-Art Berliner Liste 2014 in Postbahnhof, Berlin,

– MPA-B curator, founder and director for „MY Performance” Herrfurtplatz, sponsored by QM Schillerquartier in Berlin,

– organization of Performance-Event for „Platforme Versatil“ Montpellier, France

– member of APAB, etc.

His itinerary art work “Kinder @” was created for the first time during The Stapari International Arts Festival, in the schoolyard of Stapari School, in Serbia in 2015, involving local children and foreign artists in planting the trees. In 2016 he performed during The Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale in

at Buddhist Stupa on the boundary wall of Kurukshetra University campus in North-India.

The conceptual art of Attache des Arts, inspired by Joseph Boys and Biljana Bosnjakovic,

brings a sign of hope for our civilization and respect for future generations of human beings and nature.


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